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About online casino personnel

When you start to gamble on the internet then you will usually get the option to contact customer support through a live chat function or per telephone. The online casino personnel you get to speak to are not robots, nor are they automated messaging systems, but simply persons of flesh and blood. For all that matters, there are actually quite a few people who work at these organizations and it might be interesting for you as a player to get some information about that. There is a lot more online casino personnel around than you might think, because a company like that certainly doesn’t run on the automatic pilot. That way you will get to learn all about how a casino actually works, which must be pretty interesting for a real gambler.
The online casino personnel at customer support

The amount of people that you can meet at customer support of a reliable online casino may differ per website. The one casino is of course a lot bigger than the other and the amount of people that needs to speak to the players will thereby also be different. The nice thing about a relatively small casino like Klaver Casino is that you can actually get to know the online casino personnel to a certain extent as a player. Usually there are teams of about five to ten persons who are supposed to help the gamblers and if you show up on chat once in a while then you are sure to meet the same people more than once. With a large company you can count on hundreds of people in online casino personnel, but it needs to be said that not all of them speak a certain language. So that means there is still a relatively small team that you will get to deal with being a gambler from a specific country. Customer support usually also has a team leader who needs to make sure that everything goes smoothly and when it comes to the really big corporations they could also have a manager walking around on top of that.

The financial administration of an online casino

Do you need to know whether or not your withdrawal has been sent, or is something going wrong with your deposit? Then there is a good chance that the customer support team will need to contact the financial administration for you real quick. Next to helping gamblers they cannot also process the payments and thereby is kind of makes sense that there is more online casino personnel than just customer support. The financial administration team isn’t much different than what you might find at any other company, because they simply need to make sure that all deposits come in the right way and that all withdrawals are processed as quickly as possible. There is more online casino personnel to be found at this department however and those would be the fraud specialists. A gambling website will always have to keep an eye out for people who try to commit credit card fraud or to abuse the bonus system and for that reason there are also people around who need to keep an eye on things.

The marketing team that sets up the promotions

Of course customer support might send you an email once in a while, but the messages for specific promotional offers are usually sent by someone else. There is an entire team of online casino personnel that is dedicated to marketing, ranging from fun offers to campaigns and even social media. You will probably not get to speak much with this online casino personnel though, because your replies and questions will usually simply find their way to the customer support team. It is important however to realize that these employees are also around, because they are actually the ones who make it extra interesting to play on this specific gambling website.

Maar dat is natuurlijk niet alles…

In dit artikel hebben we een behoorlijk overzicht gegeven, maar als u denkt dat dit al het online casino personeel is dat werkzaam is bij een aanbieder van kansspelen dan heeft u het helemaal mis. Denk bijvoorbeeld aan de affiliate managers, directeuren, juridische adviseurs, technische teams en ga zo maar door. Bij een Yggdrasil casino hebben ze vaak behoorlijk wat mensen in dienst en daarmee maken ze ook een heleboel kosten. Houd er daarbij rekening mee dat ze spellen met hoge winkansen hebben die gemiddeld gezien niet heel veel winst maken en daar bovenop moeten ze ook nog eens enorm veel geld betalen aan derde partijen om de systemen te laten lopen. Zo simpel is het dus allemaal niet om een online casino te besturen!

But that isn’t all of it…

In this article we have given a pretty reasonable overview, but if you think that this is all of the online casino personnel that works at a gambling website then you a completely mistaken. You can think for example of the affiliate managers, directors, legal advisors, technical teams and so forth. At an Yggdrasil casino they usually have a fair amount of people on the work floor and that is costing them a lot of money as well. Also don’t forget that they have games with relatively high pay out rates that don’t make all that much money and they will also get charged plenty by third parties to keep their systems running. It really isn’t that simple to operate an online casino, don’t you agree?

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