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An increasingly successful developer

We have published several reports about the increasingly successful developer of online casino games named Yggdrasil Gaming. But this this they have come with the results of the last quarter of the year 2015 and the results pretty much speak for themselves. They have become more successful in every possible way… and not just a little, either! For example they found that the amount of money that is being bet on their games increased tenfold compared to the year before. Furthermore they released a bunch of new games with some very original and unique features and also their software can now be used by players from more countries around the world.

The constant rise of Yggdrasil Gaming

This successful developer of casino games likes to share its data once in a while, as they did now. According to their latest release, the revenues from their games in Q4 of 2015 had increased with 696% compared to the year before. Furthermore the wagering amount has increased with 991%, while the amount of bets has increased with 792%. The different in bets compared to Q4 2014 came down to an astounding 2.28 billion SEK which more or less equals 220 million euros! On the website of this increasingly successful developer of online casino games you will run into a banner that says “we are not the biggest, but the best”. If they keep going on like this then it won’t take much longer before they are the biggest as well as the best, either way we cannot wait until we get to see the results of the next quarter!

New games and new players

Next to the increasing popularity of the Yggdrasil slots you may have noticed that there have also been some other developments that are very promising for the future. Firstly, a number of different websites have decided to offer the Yggdrasil casino games from now on and also it is now possible for British gamblers to try their luck on these wonderful slots. Of course this successful developer also introduced its collection of Yggdrasil Boost features, which means that they completely shook up the regular ways of gambling on the internet. At this point there are several games like for example the Nirvana slot where you can compete in competitions without having to leave the game at any time and that is of course very practical. Considering all of these positive developments it really doesn’t come as a surprise that Yggdrasil Gaming has been nominated for the title of ‘best iGaming supplier of the year’ with the International Gaming Awards!

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