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Baron Samedi slot

Speel Baron Samedi

Are you interested in dark magic as well as online gambling? Then the Baron Samedi slot by Yggdrasil Gaming is the game for you! This slot is quite something different, and is all about… voodoo! There aren’t many great videoslots out there which feature such a scary theme. It is actually pretty refreshing to play a casino game that doesn’t have an Egyptian theme or classic fruit symbols. Instead of pyramids you will get to play with different types of objects. This includes bird skulls, cigars, voodoo dolls, dice and beads. But it isn’t all about looks. We are of course talking about an online casino game, meaning the chances of winning and the available bonus features are most important. And luckily there are plenty of those to be found!

Betting options in the Baron Samedi slot

If you want to wager a gamble on this videoslot then there are plenty of options. You can play with a minimum bet of only ten eurocents per spin, which you can increase to a maximum of 125 euros per spin. You can do so by adjusting the coin value. The concerning option is shown in the bottom left of your screen. Simply click on the plus- and minus symbols to adjust the value. The minimum value is 0.004 euros per coin and the maximum value is 5 euro per coin. That means one single coin is worth exactly 25 euros. Unlike some other slots, you can’t adjust your bet size by changing the number of active pay lines. That amount is always set to 25 and it cannot be changed by the player.

The wilds and mystery symbols

You can of course create winning combinations with the help of regular symbols, but there are more characters to be found on the reels of the Baron Samedi slot by Yggdrasil. For example, you have a wild which can replace all regular symbols in the game. Furthermore, there is also a so-called mystery symbol. The mystery symbol will appear with a bunch at the same time. When the results of the spin become clear, all mystery symbols will take the same shape. You will mostly find these characters as the result of a ‘feature card’ which can be activated in your game.

Voodoo re-spins and the free spins bonus game

Baron Samedi Voodoo respinIn addition to the wilds and the mystery symbols, there are also free spins symbols. Those will work exactly the way you would expect them to work. Two of these characters will activate a voodoo respin, which is practically the same thing as a single free spin. Three, four and five free spins symbols will give you 7 free spins plus 50 coins, 12 free spins plus 375 coins, and 15 free spins plus 25000 coins. Regardless of how many free spins you get, you will get three feature cards on every single spin. And those are bound to work to your advantage.

Let the tarot cards work to your advantage

It is the feature cards feature that makes the Baron Samedi slot so special. Those are tarot cards and they all contain different types of game features. During every free spin (or respin) you will get three cards in the top of your screen. That means you will get three different features at the same time, which could lead to all kinds of fun. Among the possibilities are super stacks, mystery symbols, mystery reels, multipliers, wilds and much more. If you manage to get the right combination you will undoubtedly increase your changed to hit a big win!

Complete your collection for more free spins

You can also collect those feature cards. For starters, you will get a stack of tarot cards when you first open the game. Those will end up in your collection and that stack will become bigger every time you activate a bonus feature. Because on every free spin you will get three feature cards. If that includes cards that you haven’t got yet, then they will end up in your collection. So, the more you play, the more complete your collection will become. Once all cards of the same type have been collected, you will immediately qualify for 3 additional free spins. One of the cards from that collection will then be at your disposal during every spin.

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