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Player of the week

Become player of the week

It is always fun to be chosen as the winner of a contest. In this case we are not so much talking about a contest, but more about an election. At No Bonus Casino it is possible to become player of the week, which could also end up being somewhat profitable for you as a player. For starters, you will be put on a pedestal by the casino where you like to play. This should of course be nice enough to begin with, but are probably hoping for something else.
Player of the week, and then what?

Firstly you do not need to worry about having No Bonus Casino showcase your name on their website. They certainly do not mean to share your personal information with random people on the internet. You will, however, receive a friendly email to let you know that you have been selected as player of the week. This does not include a bonus of any kind, because No Bonus Casino doesn’t work with bonus. Instead of that you will simply get a decent prize of 25 euros in cash, which is placed straight into your casino balance. You can use this money to try your luck without ever having to worry about wagering a bonus. When you are done playing you can simply request a withdrawal to your payment method of choice.

How do I become player of the week?

It is currently a well-kept secret how exactly you become player of the week at No Bonus Casino. It has been leaked that there is a short list of players that are selected in a week, so there is a very decent chance that you will end up on this list at one point. You will undoubtedly come a long way by being nice and being an active player. You can play actively on all kinds of games, including the Yggdrasil slots. If you decide to try your luck at this Yggdrasil casino then you may be selected in any week of the year!

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