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Big wins at an online casino

Next to the fun and excitement there is only one thing that we are looking for when we gamble at an online casino. When you try your luck then you are aiming to win as much as possible. But how and when do you get the big wins at an online casino? There actually are some tricks to that and we will explain them to you right here. So have a seat, relax and keep reading, because you might get a big win as a result of this news article… and big wins can of course be very big, right up to millions of euros!
Play jackpots at the right time

What would you do with millions of euros? The jackpots at an online casino can get pretty substantial, even in the millions. That is the case with the famous Joker Millions slot, which has been programmed to drop around the 1.3 million euros. That of course doesn’t say much about when it will actually be won, because the last time it happened the meter was at only 920,000 euros. But if we look at things statistically then the chance of winning the jackpot increases steadily as the amount increases. So if you are looking for extraordinarily big wins then it might be a good idea to play jackpot slots at the right time. Let’s say that the Joker Millions slot is heading for the 2 million euros then you should certainly chase after it. There are of course also other jackpots that tend to drop at a lower amount. Those are usually a bit easier to chase, as long as you know when they are usually won of course.

Play slots with big wins

When you gamble online then you need to ask yourself whether you are just looking for a long and fun playing session or specifically for big wins at an online casino. There are huge differences between low and high variance slots when it comes to this. Low variance slots are the games which will regularly give you small prizes, like for example the Reef Run slot. The high variance slot however will give you extremely big prizes, but less frequently. So if you are looking for that big hit then you should really go for a game like the Cazino Zeppelin slot. It might happen that you get absolutely nothing for a hundred spins in a row, but at the same time this slot gives out the really big wins. The Jokerizer slot also has somewhat of a high variance, but to a lesser extent than Cazino Zeppelin. If you really can’t handle the deadly sessions then perhaps you should try your luck on Jokerizer instead, because you can will get pretty big wins on that game.

You can try your luck on the mentioned games at the Yggdrasil casino websites that are recommended by us. Register an account now and apply the different tactics, because with a little bit of luck those big wins will be yours!

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