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Bonus Terms

Bonus terms explanation

A lot of players seem to find it a bit scary to play with bonus money at an online casino. It is of course a bit of a strange concept for someone who is not familiar with gambling on the internet. At a land based casino you generally shouldn’t expect any free playing money or free bets on a slot machine. The most common reason why people are in doubt about playing with bonus money at an online casino is because there tend to be bonus terms and conditions connected to it. These are strict rules that differ per website and they are generally created to prevent abuse. To make sure that everything is clear from now on, you can read an extensive bonus terms explanation in this article. That way you are sure to know how everything works from now on and you will be able to play with your bonus without any worries whatsoever.
Different types of bonus

You will be able to get a wonderful welcome bonus on your first deposit at most casino websites. This generally works the same as a deposit bonus, because this amount of free play money is given as a percentage of your deposit. For example when you get 50% bonus on a deposit of 100 euro then you will receive 50 euro in bonus money. You will first play with your initial deposit and if you are not lucky then you can continue playing with the bonus. Sometimes it also happens that a free bonus is added to your account out of the blue. This is nothing but free play money which you can gamble with and hopefully turn into a nice withdrawal. Finally you might notice that wins from free spins are often awarded in bonus money, which means that the bonus terms explanation is also applicable to those.

Wagering a bonus

For the welcome bonus and the deposit bonus, the free bonus and the wins from free spins you will always have to wager the amount. This simply means that you need to place bets on a slot until the original amount has been bet a certain amount of times. You can find the wagering in the terms and conditions of the website. These are not always given in the clearest manner, which is why it is good to read this bonus terms explanation. When the so-called wagering of a bonus is 35x then that means that you need to place a total of 350 euros in bets to turn your 10 euro in bonus into cash. That sounds like a lot, but it is a common misconception that this amount must be lost somehow. Let’s say that you play with this 10 euro in bonus, you get very lucky on your first spin and you win 1000 euros. You will then still need to place 350 euros in bets, so in the worst possible situation you will still have 650 euros in cash. In the best possible situation you will have a lot more than that!

Limitations by the casino

Yggdrasil casino websites love to come up with nice offers for their players. When you understand the bonus terms explanation then you can use these promotional offers without any misconceptions and hopefully with a nice win in the end. At the same time, an online casino will need to make sure that there is no abuse with the promotional offers. Both fair players and casinos do not want to see any bonus abuse, which means that there are strict rules when it comes to this. Existing rules at different websites are for example that you cannot play with more than 10% of the bonus amount per bet, or that only one person per address is allowed to make use of promotional offers. Generally you can expect that no one will make things difficult for you when you play without bad intentions. At the end of the day a reliable online casino wants a fun and fair gaming experience, just like the players!

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