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latest yggdrasil slots

You can now play the latest Yggdrasil slots!

If you’ve visited this website before then it shouldn’t come as a surprise that we will let you play all of the latest Yggdrasil slots for free. There are dozens of different games available on and every single one of these games is available with an extensive description of the different types of features. Well now, Yggdrasil Gaming has been quite busy recently, meaning we have been able to enjoy a bunch of new games in the past few months. Because of that it has been a bit difficult for us to keep up, but at this point we are happy to say that you can again play literally every single videoslot that has been released by this particular online casino software developer so far!

Let us give you an idea of what we’ve added to the list this week. There were three different slots that were missing from our free-to-play selection, including Reptoids, Orient Express and Ozwin’s Jackpots. All three of them have a standard setup with fifteen symbols and twenty pay lines going from the left to the right, but of course they also have a bunch of different bonus features that you can make use of. As usual, every game is completely unique in that aspect and the same goes for the underlying themes. Please find a short and sweet description of all of those three games below:

The Reptoids slot

Reptoids was the first of these three slots to be released, which was of course also the reason why it was the first one to be added to our selection. This game is based on a very interesting theory which says that there are reptilians among us. They wear a human disguise and somehow they try to take over the world. What would you do if this were actually the case? You would try to unmask the reptiles of course! That is exactly what you need to do in this game, because you will be rewarded every time you unmask one of the reptilians. Whenever you recognise that someone isn’t a regular human being then you will receive at least one wild symbol in your screen, while the same principle is applied during the free spins bonus game. So to make a long story short – The idea is to get free spins and get wild symbols by saving the world from the reptiles. And all of this takes places in the sixties for some reason.

The Orient Express slot

Choo Choo! One of Yggdrasil’s latest casino games is called Orient Express and it will bring you to four different cities. Why is this important? Because every city you come across will provide you with different types of bonus features! When you begin your gambling experience in this slot, you will simply sit down behind the window of your train cart. From there you will watch the scenery change from Paris to Venice, then Belgrade and finally Istanbul. This will practically let you play four different videoslots, because the game becomes completely different whenever you arrive at your next stop. Paris has train conductors who will function as walking wilds, while Venice will randomly multiply your winnings, Belgrade has extra trains which will award you with wild reels, and Istanbul has flying postcards which will fly into your screen change into wild symbols. In other words, this slot will truly let you go on an amazing adventure from the comfort of your own home!

The Ozwin’s Jackpots slot

The latest release by Yggdrasil Gaming is a bit of a magical elixir, made up of several existing slots. The theme is kind of like Chibeasties 2, because of the glowing crystals and all of that, while you may also find a bit of Holmes and the Stolen Stones in there, since this game will also let you win five different types of jackpots! Ozwin’s Jackpots has the same standard setup as the other two new games, with twenty pay lines and fifteen symbols, but also several different bonus features. There is a click and pick bonus game, as well as a free spins feature which can be activated in two different ways. And next to that you can also collect magic orbs which will let you win thousands of euros in jackpots at any given time!

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