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New Yggdrasil Casinos

At Big Tree Casino, we take pride in recommending only the very best Yggdrasil casinos. We’ve presented you with quite a few different gambling websites over the years and we just wanted you to know that there are new Yggdrasil casinos where you can now try your luck. After all, the list of sites that offers the games by this developer keeps growing every year, which also means that there are more and more quality casinos to choose from!

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yggdrasil fan site

Yggdrasil fan site gets a new name

Players have been coming to this Yggdrasil fan site for years, because it is just a great way to get interesting information about online gambling. Here you can learn all about the products that were made by the best developer on the market, while you can also play for free on their unique games. But did you notice that we changed our name recently? We used to be called Yggdrasil Casino, but since just a few weeks ago we are going by the name Big Tree Casino. At least that way it will become entirely clear that we are an Yggdrasil fan site and not the official method of communication for the company called Yggdrasil Gaming.

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Which slot websites are the best?

You probably noticed by now that we don’t really recommend too many online casinos on our website. At the same time there is quite a number of slot websites to be found on the internet where you can play the games by Yggdrasil Gaming, so that certainly can’t be the problem. So what exactly is the reason why we don’t share the full amount of Yggdrasil slots websites on our list of recommended casinos? That is a good question, but it is a bit hard to give an answer with just one sentence. So please keep reading for an extensive explanation as  to why we like to limit ourselves to a couple of specific online casinos.

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Gibraltar casino license

New Gibraltar casino license

Maltese licenses, British licenses, there’s quite a lot of paperwork to be arranged in the world of online casinos. But that makes a lot of sense of course, because the available games should be controlled in order to make sure that players only get the most reliable products available.  After receiving a license from the MGA in Malta and another one from the UK Gambling Commission in the United Kingdom, Yggdrasil Gibraltar has now also received a B2B remote gambling license from the Gibraltar Licensing Authority. But what does that mean for you as a player exactly? Not much really, but it is good to know that Yggdrasil Gaming as a developer is supported in more and more jurisdictions and that says a lot about the quality of their products.

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Dutch flag

Best online casino for Dutch players

It is a pretty big statement when you say that a certain online casino is the best of its kind. But after a lot of research and trying out all different aspects we have definitely found our favourite when it comes to gambling for people from the Netherlands. We definitely believe that the best online casino for Dutch players is Klaver Casino and we have several reasons to back that up. So do you want to play at the best gambling website for people from the Netherlands? Then register your account at Klaver Casino straight away! Do you first want to know why we specifically recommend this online casino? Then keep reading this article.

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About online casino personnel

When you start to gamble on the internet then you will usually get the option to contact customer support through a live chat function or per telephone. The online casino personnel you get to speak to are not robots, nor are they automated messaging systems, but simply persons of flesh and blood. For all that matters, there are actually quite a few people who work at these organizations and it might be interesting for you as a player to get some information about that. There is a lot more online casino personnel around than you might think, because a company like that certainly doesn’t run on the automatic pilot. That way you will get to learn all about how a casino actually works, which must be pretty interesting for a real gambler.

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online casino app

Gambling with an online casino app

If you want to play at an online casino with your smartphone or with your tablet then that is rarely an issue. When you deal with a proper and decent website then you can generally assume that you can gamble without a problem while playing with a mobile device, regardless of where you play. The manner through which you need to connect to the casino may differ, because there actually are several options. In most cases you can simply open the browser of your phone or tablet and then go to the regular website which is then shown as a mobile version. However sometimes it is recommended or even mandatory to gamble with a mobile casino app. Do you reckon that’s a good thing?

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Dutch casinos

Online casino in the Netherlands

Are you looking for an online casino in the Netherlands? Then we would be happy to help you out! There are plenty of different websites that focus on Dutch players, but of course they aren’t the same in terms of quality and reliability. To our experience there are some casinos that are much better than the rest. In this news article you can find more information about which places would be best to try your luck if you want to limit yourself to a Dutch online casino. We will also tell you more about where such a casino is officially located.

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Maltese casino license

Why a Maltese casino license?

On this website we exclusively recommend online casinos that have a license in Malta. The games by Yggdrasil Gaming have all the necessary papers and approvals in that country and the same thing goes for most websites that offer these games. In this news article we will explain what is so special and important about a Maltese casino license and why this is supposed to be so much more valuable than the same piece of paper in another country. We will first have a look at the MGA, or the ‘Maltese Gaming Authority’, and then we will compare it to other countries that do the same.

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Support feedback

How to handle customer service

There are a number of ways why you would want to contact customer support of a certain company. I may be the case that you want more information about a certain product, or perhaps you need some help with the settings of your account. When it comes to a decent institution then you can always expect a certain level of professionalism, but a representative will also remain human. As a customer you can handle customer support in many different ways and we will tell you what is most effective. These recommendations mostly apply for online casinos, but the underlying principle could apply to other types of institutions as well.

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