Quarter 4

Results of Yggdrasil Q4 2017

Yggdrasil Gaming has been active in the online gambling scene for quite a while now and they sure have been busy. This company has grown a lot since they came up with the original Jokerizer slot, as we can also see in their latest results which were recently publicly shared on their website. If we can believe their exact words then they’ve had a rather busy final quarter in 2017, which has led to some of the finest results so far. And we are of course going to give you a nice overview in this article!

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latest yggdrasil slots

You can now play the latest Yggdrasil slots!

If you’ve visited this website before then it shouldn’t come as a surprise that we will let you play all of the latest Yggdrasil slots for free. There are dozens of different games available on bigtreecasino.com and every single one of these games is available with an extensive description of the different types of features. Well now, Yggdrasil Gaming has been quite busy recently, meaning we have been able to enjoy a bunch of new games in the past few months. Because of that it has been a bit difficult for us to keep up, but at this point we are happy to say that you can again play literally every single videoslot that has been released by this particular online casino software developer so far!

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valley of the gods slot

Enjoy the Valley of the Gods slot

In just a few days we will be able to enjoy yet another amazing new game by Yggdrasil. On the 24th of August 2017 we can expect the release of the brand new Valley of the Gods slot and it looks like it has a lot to offer. By the looks of it, it seems to have an ancient Egyptian theme. We have of course seen that before many times with other types of online casino games, but that doesn’t change the fact that the Valely of the Gods slot will bring you a completely different kind of experience. Are you ready for something new?

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rainbow ryan slot

The new Rainbow Ryan slot

Are you as excited to play the new videoslot by Yggdrasil Gaming as we are? We are just a few days away from the official release date of the Rainbow Ryan slot and that means there definitely will be a lot of interesting promotional offers to make use of as well. But first, let’s have a quick look at the game information that has already been released. That way we will get a good first impression and at least we will know more or less what to expect from the latest addition to the Yggdrasil portfolio. This is what we know so far:

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big blox

Play Big Blox by Yggdrasil now

The game won’t officially be released until August, but on our website you can already play the slot with an extensive explanation of all available features. We are of course talking about the Big Blox slot by Yggdrasil that everyone is waiting for… So, do you have as little patience as we do and do you want to experience the different game properties beforehand? Then head to the dedicated page straight away and have a look at what this slot has to offer you. We can promise you one thing, being that you will not be disappointed!

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Yggdrasil slot provider of the year

Of course we all knew that Yggdrasil Gaming knows how to release an impressive product, but this has now also been officially confirmed. Because they were named the best slot provider of the year at the world famous EGR B2B awards in London this year! That is quite the achievement, especially considering the other online casino software developers that were nominated for said prize. So it may be clear that Yggdrasil Gaming is no longer a new player on the market, but an established brand under the providers of casino games on the internet. Keep on reading to find out more about the award that they got and feel free to look around on our website to learn other things about the best developer in the world.

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Regularly play new online slot games

There are lots and lots of different slots to be found on the internet, but most of those games are pretty similar when you compare them to each other. It wouldn’t be surprising if they eventually get a bit boring and that is why it is good to know where you can play unique slots that offer some more variation. When we look at only the games that are made by Yggdrasil Gaming then luckily you will find a lot more variation in the game features and the designs and that means you are bound to have a lot more fun than otherwise. But that variation isn’t even the biggest advantage of this developer, because if you play at a casino that has Yggdrasil slots then you will also get to play new online slot games very regularly!

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Yggdrasil results early 2016

We already knew that Yggdrasil Gaming did very well in 2015 compared to the year before, but by now we have reached the second quarter of 2016. It turns out that the online casino software developer has released some numbers recently and those gave us a pretty good idea about how they have been doing compared to last year. The latest results were shared in a very orderly fashion and of course we are going to tell you what this entailed, because we find it extremely interesting to see how much more popular the slots from this developer have become in the past twelve months.

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types of Jokerizer games

The different types of Jokerizer games

The original Jokerizer slot became unbelievably popular among online casino players after it was released by Yggdrasil Gaming some time ago. This modern version of an old fashioned game was exactly what the community needed and that became pretty obvious considering how interested people from all over the world seemed to be.  The developer rightfully made good use of this opportunity, because the popularity of this slot indicated that players want to see more of these types of products. That is why Yggdrasil Gaming has since then released three other games that can be seen as different types of Jokerizer games. They all have the same general setup with five reels and three rows of symbols, bonus symbols with jokers and of course a special game mode where you can possibly get some huge wins. But what exactly are the differences between these different types of Jokerizer games?

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slot with monkeys

A new casino slot with monkeys

Of course we had mentioned before that Yggdrasil Casino has a pretty extensive plan when it comes to the games that they are supposed to release in 2016. For example we can expect to get Wicked Circus on the 21st of April, which seem to have a lot of similarities with the classic Jokerizer slot, and they planned the so-called Legend of the Golden Monkey slot for the 24th of May. Now we don’t know all that much yet about the last mentioned game and we also don’t have a free to play version, but at least we know that we will soon have a new casino slot with monkeys and that alone should be fun. But that isn’t all, because we also got a couple of interesting facts about the upcoming slot…

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