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Developments at Yggdrasil Gaming

Another good message from Yggdrasil! This relatively new online casino software developer is doing good business, because their games are constantly growing in popularity. More and more proprietors offer the slots in their lobby and more and more players are enjoying the unique game features that can be found in their games. A number of developments at Yggdrasil Gaming are shown in the press release of last week and of course we would like to give some further clarification. According to Fredrik Elmqvist, the CEO of Yggdrasil, this developer has risen to a completely new level in the past quarter. Frankly, we completely agree and our readers will probably have the same opinion after having a look at the following overview.

Huge increase in popularity of Yggdrasil games

When we speak of an increase in popularity then we are not talking about just a couple of extra players. The amount of bets that has been placed on the Yggdrasil slots compared to the year before that is no less than 449% as much. That means that more than a hundred millions euros in bets has been placed on these casino games and that is quite something! We are looking forward to seeing how the attention will increase as people are getting familiar with these games.

Lots of mobile gamblers play these slots

It is well known by now that mobile gambling with these slots works perfectly thanks to earlier developments at Yggdrasil Gaming. The new iSENSE 2.0 technology with HTML5 has been introduced a little while ago and the players seem to be enjoying it a lot. No less than one third of all bets has been placed from mobile devices and that is a lot more than what you would normally expect.

Expansion to new markets over the world

Some time ago an online casino would still need to have a license in Curacao in order to implement the slots by Yggdrasil Gaming. This developer made the choice to switch to Malta in the second quarter of 2015, possibly also because the best Yggdrasil casino websites are established there. Players in the United Kingdom are not yet able to try their luck on the Yggdrasil slots, but this is going to change very soon. The application for a UK license has officially been sent in and we cannot wait until it has been processed!

The business grows more as well

It is a good sign when a company grows, because that means that their product is appreciated by the people. That is why we see it as a very positive development that Yggdrasil Gaming has grown with more than 50% in terms of staff compared to the year before. They have no less than 38 people in Malta and Poland by now, including the best software developers that can be found in the market.

yggdrasil gaming

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