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Do you like to save klaverpoints?

If you like to play at an online casino then you might be familiar with the idea of saving player points. You can usually save these in different types of ways and you can exchange them for something nice like a bonus award. At one recommended Yggdrasil casino you can save player points with a special and appropriate name. At Klaver Casino it is very easy to save klaverpoints. Except for the name they aren’t exactly unique, but they can most certainly work in your advantage when you want to place a wager at Klaver Casino. Now you might want to know why it is a good idea to save klaverpoints, regardless of whether or not you have an account.

You don’t need to have any losses to earn points

Whether or not you save klaverpoints has nothing to do with how much you deposit or lose. This is very much the case when you play at other online casinos such as All Irish Casino, because the amount of player points you receive there depends on your deposits minus your withdrawals. That way they try to give something extra to the players who happen to be unlucky. At Klaver Casino you can save klaverpoints by placing bets, nothing more and nothing less. Even if you keep winning time after time you can still expect to save a nice amount of points, which you can then exchange for an interesting bonus award.

You can win money by exchanging them

You can stop saving klaverpoints when you have 1000 of them. From that moment on you can have them exchanged by customer service for bonus money, where one thousand points equals 15 euros in bonus. The bonus at Klaver Casino has a standard wagering of 35x, which is very decent for an Yggdrasil casino. Usually you can wager this bonus and turn it into a cash prize by getting two good hits, after which you can have it sent to your bank account. Are you interested in saving klaverpoints? Then visit the website of this Yggdrasil casino now by clicking the link below.

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