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Don’t play a fake version of a slot

You can find the craziest things on the internet, including imitations of all kinds of products like a fake version of a slot. Think for example of Chinese copies of smartphones or fake iPads and even imitations when it comes to famous software brands. As a gambler you might not expect this, but even casino games are sometimes copied by malevolent persons. With a fake version of a slot you are of course not using the original product and that means you are definitely not getting the same chances of winning that you would get with the original version. When it does happen that you are accidentally gambling on a fake version of a slot you really are being conned and that is the last thing we want to see happen.
The types of games that are typically copied

Fraudulent developers who want to recreate casino games will generally go for the most well-known and trusted brands. Therefore the chances are pretty high that a fake version of a slot at an online casino is a copy of either Netent or Novomatic. Relatively new developers such as Yggdrasil Gaming are usually not subjected to this practice, but it is of course always good to remain watchful when it comes to gambling on the internet.

How to recognize a fake version of a slot

A good imitation is sure to look a lot like the original version of a casino game, but there are always some small differences that you might find. For example, the graphics are often a little less smooth and it is possible that the symbols are just slightly different from the original. Also the sounds of the game could have been adjusted and furthermore the standard interface of the slot might also be a bit weird. Do keep in mind that the differences in the properties of a fake version of a slot are very small, because otherwise it wouldn’t be a very good copy. Thereby the best way to avoid these annoying fake slots is simply to pay at a reliable online casino at all times.

Always play original slots on the internet

When an online casino has all the right licenses then it certainly won’t happen that you will get confronted with a fake version of a slot. Every Yggdrasil casino that we recommend has an MGA license in Malta and that means that they are subjected to extremely strict rules. For honest and fair online gambling we would always want to recommend you to play at one of the casinos that are mentioned on this website.

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