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Double cash back during the weekend

At No Bonus Casino you do not have to expect complicated arrangements. They do not offer bonus or any promotions that give bonus. This leaves only cash money to play with, which means that you will never need to be informed about bonus terms and conditions. You can expect a standard cashback of 10% on your losses without a limit. If you happen to be unlucky then the very next morning you will get part of your money back. While 10% is a very decent percentage, there are also regular offers where they increase this amount. For example this weekend you can get a double cash back which makes it an amazing 20%!

Ten times as many player points

At No Bonus Casino you can save player points by making deposits to your account balance. When you have at least 50 player points then you can exchange these on the website for cash, where ten points equal the amount of one euro. With this cash money you can play on every possible game, from video slots to the live casino. Next to the standard 10% cashback you will always get part of your money back through player points. This weekend the amount of player points that you get will be ten times as much, which of course translates into some serious amounts of cash.

20% cash back promotional offer

The standard cashback and the unbelievable amount of player points will add up to a double cash back of no less than 20%. You will of course not qualify for this offer if you manage to get a big win, however if you happen to lose then you will always get a sizeable second chance because of the double cash back. You can decide to withdraw this money to your bank account or you can try your luck again on one of the many fun games that this Yggdrasil casino has to offer. Make good use of this cash back promotional offer by making an account at No Bonus Casino.

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