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Four tips for a big win

There are so many success stories out there with players that end with an amazing win, but how do they manage to do that? For the most part, online gambling simply comes down to luck. But there most certainly are ways to make your own luck to a certain extent. Think for example of applying different types of tactics and of betting on the right games at the right moments. In this article you can find an overview with strategies by experiences online casino players. Follow the four tips for a big win and you may be the main subject of the next success story that is spread around on the internet!

  1. Only play games with a high pay out percentage

The first of four tips for a big win kind of speaks for itself, but it really does need to be mentioned. Do not try to get rich by playing games with a low pay out percentage, because there is nothing to be won there. There are different software developers that exclusively make fair games with a high pay out percentage. This also includes the Yggdrasil slots, because the RTP of those games is always around 97%. Don’t even try to get lucky on flashy but unreliable games and limit yourself to playing slots that were made by the best developers!

  1. Play slots with high variance

When we speak of low and high variance slots we mean the following. A game with low variance tends to give out a lot of small wins, while a game with high variance tends to give out a smaller amount of relatively big wins. If you are going for that really big win then it would be a better idea to play high variance slots, like for example the Cazino Zeppelin slot by Yggdrasil. It must be said that a playing session can get very frustrating when the game is cold, but eventually you are pretty much sure to get that big win.

  1. Increase your bet at the right moment

Most players are not happy with a win of just a couple of tens of euros at an online casino. Before you request a withdrawal you’re going to need to have a proper amount of money in your balance. Important tips for a big win have to do with making sure that your casino balance goes up at a fast rate. Do you feel that the slot you are playing at the time is hot and ready to pay out more? Then keep increasing your bet as your balance grows! A big win with a bet of 10 euros will of course come down to a lot more money than when you bet 1 euro.

  1. Change games at the right time

When you finally get that big hit you should probably ask yourself whether or not there are more wins to be found while playing that game. A slot isn’t going to keep giving you the one big hit after the other, so it might be a good idea to change to a different game. That way you might turn a big win into an even bigger win while playing at your favourite Yggdrasil casino. The moral of the story is to play the right games for as long as they are hot. But most of all don’t forget to stop at the right time and pay out your winnings!

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