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Gambling with mobile internet

Mobile gambling is one of the most normal things in the world these days and because of that you can try your luck from any possible location. Now you may wonder whether or not mobile internet is such a good idea. It does sometimes happen that your connection is interrupted when you’re playing with your smartphone or with your tablet. Also, gambling with mobile internet tends to be slower than when you are connected to a wireless network. To be sure that you can gamble without any issues on your mobile device it may be a good idea to keep the following points into account.
1. First look at the type of mobile internet that you have

What is shown in the taskbar of your smartphone or tablet? The type of internet that you are getting is a strong indication of your connection speed. Below you will find an overview of options with our personal advice.

  • G: This is the slowest possible connection with only 114kbps. It honestly isn’t even worth it to try and connect to an online casino when you have this speed.
  • E: This speed is assigned when 3G is not currently available. Technically it is possible to play with this connection type, but it may cause you some headaches.
  • 3G: This was fast a couple of years ago, but with 384 kbps it isn’t really of this time anymore. Nevertheless it may be worth it to try and open one of the Yggdrasil slots anyway.
  • H: This stands for ‘evolved high speed packet access’ and it is the fastest type of 3G. Gambling with mobile internet should not be a problem with this speed.
  • 4G: This is pretty much the fastest type of mobile broadband internet and it actually equals the speed of the average WiFi connection. You can play whatever you want with this!

2. Watch the way the reels turn

If you aren’t sure whether or not the game will work properly then you might as well give it a shot. Log in at your favourite Yggdrasil casino and open your game of choice. When you have done a couple of spins then you will automatically see what the deal is. Do the reels turn properly? If the slot keeps spinning endlessly then there isn’t much fun to be had in your game. Therefore only choose mobile online gambling when you can click in a decent fashion.

3. Do not worry if the game is interrupted

Now it may happen that gambling with mobile internet doesn’t work for you at all. It may even happen that the game gets stuck, the reels simply won’t stop turning or the connection is interrupted all together. The first thing that you may think is that your bet has been lost, but nothing is further from the truth. If you had a win with your last bet then that amount is automatically added to your casino balance. If your session is interrupted during a bonus game or free spins then those game features will continue the very next time you start up the game.

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