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Golden Fish Tank slot

With the Golden Fish Tank slot by Yggdrasil Gaming you will find yourself right in the middle of an aquarium. This isn’t just any aquarium though. There are fishes to be found in this game that may provide you with a lot of money. On the background you see a bunch of colourful plants. You will also notice rays of light that cut straight through the clear water into the sandy soil. Furthermore the little fishes also look pretty happy and that will put you in a jolly mood straight away. However, we all know that the real fun doesn’t start until the Golden Fish Tank casino game pays out properly.

Speaking of winning, did you know that this game can pay out up to 10.000 coins in a single spin? The highest possible coin value in the Golden Fish slot is 2 euros. If you do the math you will see that you can win up to 20.000 euros in one single spin. That isn’t too shabby of course! The winnings that are paid out to the player. The Golden Fish Tank mobile slot mostly depends on the game features that are activated. There are several different ones to be found. Do you want to know how to qualify for a big prize in the Golden Fish Tank slot? Then you might want to first read the full game description on this page.

Fishes, royals, wilds and free spins symbols

In total you can find eight different types of regular symbols in the Golden Fish Tank slot by Yggdrasil Gaming. There are four types of fishes and four royals. The prizes that you can win with a full pay line of every type of symbol of as follows. The green and yellow fish will give 250 coins. The white and orange fish pays out 200 coins. The blue fish with the sharp teeth gives 175 coins and the small purple fish is worth 150 coins. The less interesting symbols in the Golden Fish Tank videoslot are the hearts for 75 coins. The spades for 60 coins, the clubs for 50 coins and the diamonds for 50 coins.

You can make winning combinations in the Golden Fish Tank slot from the left to the right. There are a total of 20 different pay lines which cannot be altered in any way by the player. Furthermore you can also find wilds in the Golden Fish Tank casino game. These can replace any other symbol in your screen, with the exception of the free spins symbol. The last mentioned character looks like a golden fish. When you get enough of those in a single spin then you will activate the bonus game.

golden fish tank slot

The Golden Bet feature

After opening the game you will soon find out that there is one extra button to be found in your interface. Right above the option to place the maximum bet you can see a little button with +5 and when you press it then your bet size will increase with 5 coins. For example, if you were playing with the minimum bet of 20 eurocents in the Golden Fish Tank mobile slot then this will become 25 eurocents and if you were playing with 20 euros per spin then this will become 25.

At first it looks like this setting doesn’t change much in the Golden Fish Tank slot except put a little golden frame around your game interface. But there most certainly is a big difference between playing without a Golden Bet and playing with a Golden Bet. Because if you end up in the bonus game while the Golden Bet is activated then you will be able to choose one additional free spins game feature. It’s understandable if that sounds a bit confusing at this point, but once you experience the bonus game yourself then you will understand exactly what we mean.

golden fish tank videoslot

Free spins bonus game with feature combinations

When you get three, four of five free spins symbols in the Golden Fish Tank slot then you will end up in the Yggdrasil bonus game and at that point you get to choose between a certain amount of features. At least, there are sea shells spread out over the aquarium floor and you get to open some of them. The features that can be found in the Golden Fish Tank videoslot include 2 to 4 extra free spins, 2x multipliers, stacked fish symbols, sticky wilds, 1 or 2 random wilds with every spin, and fish symbols that function as wilds.

Every single one of these features may provide you with a nice win and this is of course even more so the case if you get a combination of them. That is exactly the reason why you might want to play with the Golden Bet option in the Golden Fish Tank slot, because it seems that the biggest prizes are generally awarded in the bonus game.

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