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How to handle customer service

There are a number of ways why you would want to contact customer support of a certain company. I may be the case that you want more information about a certain product, or perhaps you need some help with the settings of your account. When it comes to a decent institution then you can always expect a certain level of professionalism, but a representative will also remain human. As a customer you can handle customer support in many different ways and we will tell you what is most effective. These recommendations mostly apply for online casinos, but the underlying principle could apply to other types of institutions as well.
Ask for an extra bonus

Next to the standard questions and remarks at an online casino you will often find requests from players for an extra bonus. This playing money would come in addition to the welcome bonus and the other offers that the casino has to offer. In most cases gamblers are already getting plenty of benefits, but of course it never hurts to ask for more! When you would like to get some extra playing money then the way you handle customer service is very important. They don’t actually need to give you anything in this case, meaning that your success largely depends on the way you ask for it. If you start demanding things in a very unpleasant way then there is a chance that you won’t get a thing, but a friendly request might completely change the situation. Of course there is a chance that the customer support agent simply does not have the possibility to give you an extra bonus or free spins, because they have been given certain rules and limits that they need to follow. In that case we would recommend you to simply thank the person who helped you and then keep it to that. Getting angry about being disappointed won’t get you anywhere, except perhaps getting a negative remark in your player card.

The verification of your account

Having to hand over your personal documents is never fun, because that is nothing but extra work that nobody feels like doing. The customer support agents at an online casino feel the same way. They would also prefer a situation where you can continue playing without any issues, because that way everybody is happy. Sadly, the verification of an account is absolutely necessary, as it is also mandatory according to several laws and regulations. Normally you will receive clear instructions by email and these are usually also shown on a web page. May things still be unclear to you then you can always customer service. They would be happy to help you, also if you have any questions about how long it will be until the verification process is completed. The average Yggdrasil casino processes your documents within 24 hours, so it certainly shouldn’t take more than a few days. The customer support agent that you get to speak to does not have the ability to influence the situation, so it would be useless for you to start demanding things in relation to the verification of your account. Regardless of what you say, customer service will most definitely remain professional, but that doesn’t change the fact that they would prefer to be spoken to in a decent manner.

Positive and negative feedback

Have you had a good experience with the customer service at an online casino? Then make sure to let them know, because they would love to hear that from you! The customer support agent who assisted you may even be rewarded as a result of your message. In practice, a lot more complaints reach customer service than thank you notes, because people leave feedback sooner when something goes wrong. Those complaints can be based on whatever and they range from frustrated losers to players who experienced a game that didn’t work properly. If you are upset that you had a bad playing session then you can always speak to customer service about this, because they would be happy to explain how the games work. As long as you remain reasonable then they might even try to make you feel better with a free bonus, but that will of course depend on the situation. If something did actually go wrong during your playing session then make sure to explain this as clearly as possible. Normally this information is immediately forwarded to another department, so that they can find a solution to your problem very quickly. It won’t happen often, but there is a chance that customer service does not give you a satisfying answer to your problem. In that case you can always request your message to be forwarded to a manager or to the complaints department. That way your problem will be taken care of by someone who is more influential and more experienced.

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