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huge casino win

Huge casino win (video)

It is good to see a player walk away with a huge casino win, regardless on which game he was trying his luck at the time. Recently Yggdrasil Gaming has announced the winner of the last tournament on Vikings Go Wild and in combination with that announcement they gave us a fun video to watch. The concerning player seems to have had a pretty interesting playing session which led to a huge casino win of more of less 1300 times his original bet. Clearly that is going to get him some great winnings, but in addition to that he has also received €2,500 in prizes, with the compliments of the online casino software developer Yggdrasil Gaming!

Watch the video here

In the video below you can see the huge casino win on the Vikings Go Wild slot with the click of a button. The concerning playing session must have taken place between Friday the 4th of March and Sunday the 13th of March, because that is the timeframe in which the last Vikings Go Wild tournament was active.

Description of the huge casino win

The playing session of this 25 year old gambler started off pretty good, because he ran into four bonus symbols in the Vikings Go Wild slot pretty much straight away. That means he got 16 free spins and that is also the moment when the money started pouring in. The one wild after the after was shown in his screen and of course those will stick in position. That means every subsequent free spin will award him with at least as much money as he got before, which can be clearly in the total win amount that is shown in the bottom. The moment we think the session is over he actually runs into a re-trigger… Not once, but twice! That will make it very easy to walk away with a huge casino win and that should have become apparent to the concerning Yggdrasil Casino as well. Eventually this player wins more than 320 while playing with a 25 eurocent bet. Not a bad return on investment, is it?

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