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Joker Millions jackpot winner (video)

Can you imagine what an experience it would be to win a jackpot at an online casino? You are quietly sitting behind your computer, playing one of your favourite games… Then suddenly you find an unbelievable amount of money in your casino balance. Of course we are not talking about a couple of thousands of euros, but about a much larger amount. Recently one lucky jackpot winner walked away with no less than 720.000 euros! We had informed our readers about this monster win on the Joker Millions slot when it had just happened, but now we also have an interesting video that you can watch on our website.

Kim from Norway was of course very happy with her big win and she said that she was going to buy a new car. Maybe she didn’t realize how much money she won exactly, because you can buy quite a number of nice cars with 720.000 euros… You could even purchase a sizeable house with such a prize, but surely dear Kim will soon realise exactly how much she won.

The jackpot of Joker Millions

The video above will show you how any player can become a jackpot winner by playing the Joker Millions slot. It started with one joker symbol on all five reels of the playing screen, which will automatically send you to the jackpot spin. As long as more joker symbols keep showing, the game will also keep spinning, and that is exactly what happened. Eventually the last square was covered with a joker symbol and the game screen was immediately filled with the word ‘JACKPOT’ in giant letters. The instructions that the Joker Millions jackpot winner got were to contact customer support of the Yggdrasil casino where she was currently playing. We wonder how that chat went…

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