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The largest Joker Millions win ever!

On Monday the 11th of June 2016, the 21-year old Chris from Oslo was waiting for his girlfriend. She was shopping and he certainly didn’t feel like going after her, so he decided to stay and have a seat outside the shop. There he took his mobile phone out of his pocked and logged into his account at LeoVegas. And why shouldn’t he take this time to try his luck on Joker Millions? The jackpot is extremely high and you never know! Chris set his bet level to €1.25 per spin and started betting… And what do you think happened? Within just a few minutes he was 2.9 million euros richer!

What Chris is going to do with his 2.9 million

This Norwegian player obviously had no idea what hit him. His life changed in a matter of minutes, because three million euros is a pretty impressive amount of money. When an employee of LeoVegas contacted him by phone, he told them that he had some pretty good ideas on how to spend his jackpot winnings on the Joker Millions slot. First of all, he is going to invest in two new apartments and in addition to that he will take his girlfriend on a holiday to the Maldives. Not the worst way to spend your money, don’t you agree?

A much bigger Joker Millions win than before

The win of the 11th of July makes for the third time that the Joker Millions jackpot has been won. First it was paid out on €720,000 in September 2015 and after that on €460,000 in December 2015. After that, the prize money just kept piling up, which means the last Joker Millions win was a lot bigger than before. To be exact, the pay-out was no less than €2,881,257.00 and most gamblers certainly wouldn’t say no to that!

Official responses from Yggdrasil and LeoVegas

Of course Yggdrasil Gaming and LeoVegas both had something to say about this Joker Millions win. It was quite the event, after all, because it doesn’t exactly happen every day that a player walks away with a couple of million in winnings! Fredrik Elmqvist, CEO at Yggdrasil Gaming, said that it was fantastic to see someone win so much money with a single spin on an Yggdrasil slot. Karoline Pelc, head at LeoVegas, added that she is very happy that the Joker Millions jackpot was won at their Yggdrasil casino and this shows again that they truly are the best mobile online casino in the world.

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