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What is legal online gambling?

It is still a bit unclear for a lot of people what to think about legal online gambling. Because of some bad stories that have been going around online casino websites have gotten a bad rep, making many people doubt to what extent they are to be trusted. The internet is, after all, a domain where people can remain relatively anonymous and where pretty much anyone can simply start a website. This could include some shady websites where you might even be scammed under the pretence of gambling. Of course this is certainly not always the case and that it why it should be explained properly when you can speak of legal online gambling. Also you need to know which websites are reliable to place a wager on the internet. There are all kinds of different ways to see whether or not it is good to gamble on a certain website and there are different ways through which this is already filtered for you. Your country of residence may simply deny access to a website that you are trying to reach. Any selections that you may need to make can be found in this news post.
Your country of residence

Online casino websites may be focused on a certain country, but it is not always allowed for their offices to be located in that country. Some places do not allow legal online gambling whatsoever, while others try to make casinos obey very strict regulations. The internet is of course very difficult to govern, which is why internet service providers are sometimes instructed to disable access to certain websites. This can include casinos that do not possess the necessary licenses or casinos that do not meet the national laws and regulations. It does seem that increasingly more countries in Europe are slowly but steadily regulating their national market for online gambling. In many countries it seems to be a bit of a grey area when it comes to defining legal online gambling, which means that it is regulated to a certain extent. Some casino websites have received sizeable fees from national governments because they did not meet their demands, but at the same time players from those countries do still have access to that website.


An important point for government institutions, review websites and casino players to judge a casino by is the types of licenses they have. It may be the case that a website is controlled from Costa Rica, where they are barely kept in check by any government agency. Other popular places for casinos to get their licenses are Curacao, Isle of Man, Alderney and Malta. The general consensus is that a casino with a license in Malta can sooner be seen as a reliable online casino. Firstly this means that they are operating from within the European Union and secondly that there are very strict inspections done by the MGA or previously the LGA. This organization is relatively strict when it comes to offering games and the way that players at a casino are being treated. Before they will speak of legal online gambling the MGA wants to make sure that an online casino meets all kinds of requirements. Every single casino that is mentioned on the website of Yggdrasil Casino has all necessary licenses from the MGA in Malta, so in that aspect you can certainly speak of legal online gambling with these online casino websites.


Next to online casino websites also games like videoslots, scratch cards and lottery games need to receive the necessary licenses before they can be offered to players, making it legal online gambling. Generally this can be seen per software developer. Famous names are of course Yggdrasil and Netent, but also other developers have games that are made available on online casino websites. Before they are allowed to be offered they should undergo the necessary inspections before they can be deemed as fair. It is after all to be expected that an online casino game offers decent chances of winning. The winning odds with the Yggdrasil slots are higher than average, which is why it is recommended to stick to games like this and to the best casinos that offer fair software. On this website you can find a selection of the best online casinos that offer the very best games. Here you can try your luck without having to worry about legal online gambling.

reliable online casino

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