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Local jackpots and pooled jackpots

There are different types of jackpots to be found at an online casino and they also fall under different categories. The most important difference is that between local jackpots and pooled jackpots. These two don’t only differ in size, but also in the way that they are set up by the provider. We would be happy to explain how you can recognize local jackpots and pooled jackpots and why it is useful to be able to tell the one from the other. Of course we will also give you some examples of both types by pointing out jackpot slots from the selection of Yggdrasil Gaming.
What are local jackpots?

A local jackpot pretty much looks like what one would generally expect from a jackpot. You can win a big prize at any given time and when this happens you can find the money in your account straight away. An example of a local jackpot is for example the Holmes and the Stolen Stones slot. When you open the game then you will see that you can win no less than five local jackpots in that one slot. The idea behind this is very simple: Get a big win and immediately receive the money from the casino where you are currently playing. You can then use that money however you please, because there are no strange rules connected to this.

What are pooled jackpots?

A pooled jackpot can firstly be recognized by a much larger prize. The amounts can go up to hundreds of thousands or even millions of euros and they are of course not won every single day. An example of a pooled jackpot is the one that can be found in the Joker Millions slot and that one can earn you a lot of money. The most important difference is that a pooled jackpot is not paid out directly by the online casino, but by the developer of the game. Casinos will have to pay the developer a part of all the bets that are placed by the players. That way the jackpot is gradually built up until someone walks away with an amazing amount of money.

Why is it useful to know the difference?

One interesting difference between these two types of jackpots is that they are not always exclusive for the online casino where you are playing at the time. For example when you are playing the Holmes and the Stolen Stones slot then the prizes can only be won by you and the other players on the same website. However the jackpot of the Joker Millions slot can also be won by a player who is active at an entirely different casino. Pooled means that the jackpot is shared between several casinos, so when it is won at one Yggdrasil casino then it can no longer be won at other casinos that offer the same game.

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