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Low and high variance slots

There are different kinds of online casino players. Some just like to play for the big wins and others just want to have as much entertainment as possible for their money. The slots that are most ideal for these different types of players are also quite different. If you like to click and play for as long as possible with the same deposit then low variance slots might be more interesting for you. These games offer relatively more small wins, which means that there is less of a chance of losing your money in one short playing session. When you have more small wins with low variance slots then there are fewer extremities in your casino balance. The opposite is the case when you play with high variance slots. It may happen with these games that you keep playing without a single win in a session. On the other hand you could suddenly get an enormous win while playing high variance slots. With the latter you can definitely expect more extremities in your casino balance.
Both low variance slots and high variance slots have a set RTP, being a theoretical return to player. These are usually around 97% with the Yggdrasil slots, which means that on average over many millions of rounds you will get back 97 euro on every euro that you bet. When you play low variance slots then you will get more small wins. You may have more entertainment because of this, but technically your chance of getting a big win is significantly less. With high variance slots your return to player tends to stay quite low until you get that big win. The one problem that many players tend to have with high variance slots is that the playing part can be quite boring at times. When very little happens while you are playing on high variance slots then a playing session can get very frustrating. It is up to you to see what is more important, the wins or the entertainment value. Of course there is no guarantee that you will get many small wins by playing low variance slots or that you get few big wins by playing high variance slots. In the end of the day it is still a matter of gambling, so the game can go either way. The general idea that is shared in this post about low variance slots and high variance slots is purely based on statistical probability.

When you look at high variance slots among the Yggdrasil slots then it is recommended to play the Cazino Zeppelin slot. This game may look wonderful and it may have all kinds of nice special effects, but it can be very unforgiving. At the same time it needs to be said that this game can give out unbelievable wins. The Cazino Zeppelin slot is a real stereotype for high variance slots, which means that any patient gambler should definitely try out this videoslot. This way you can look for that big win with the help of high variance slots, but please don’t get too frustrated in case you end up in an unlucky playing session. As explained before, high variance slots can give enormous prizes while they can also take your entire balance in one go! If you prefer playing low variance slots over high variance slots then you can try the well-known Reef Run slot. You may have hours of entertainment while playing this videoslot, because there are relatively many small wins paid out to the player. Even with low variance slots you can find some decent prizes though, but rarely of the same size as with high variance slots.

Again it needs to be said that both types of videoslots offer nice wins and you could get great entertainment value with both types of games as well. The way these games have been designed predicts the variance of the game. This usually can’t be found in the game descriptions, so you will need to find it out by playing the different videoslots yourself. The two Yggdrasil slots that were mentioned earlier in order to describe the two types can be seen as extremes, because there are plenty of games that are somewhere in between. It might actually be most important to experience which game works most to your personal preference. You can figure this out by simply playing the different slots right here on the Yggdrasil casino website!

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