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Making use of Yggdrasil Boost

The term Yggdrasil Boost refers to a collection of exclusive game properties that the online casino software developer Yggdrasil Gaming makes use of to make its games more interesting than those that were made by the competition. If you enjoy gambling on the internet then there is a good chance that there special functionalities have shown up in your screen before, because there are quite a lot of places where you can play the slots that are made by this developer by now. In this article we will sum up the current exclusive game properties that are counted under the collective term Yggdrasil Boost. That way you will also get an idea of what makes the games by Yggdrasil Gaming so very special, even when you don’t count the wonderful designs and the unique features.
The Super Spins which are worth much more than usual

If you enjoy online gambling then there is a good chance that you also enjoy free spins. It is always nice to get some free bets on a fun game and thereby it is usually appreciated when a casino makes that possible. One of the only downsides of free spins is that they are usually not worth a lot of money. For example, if you normally play with 2 euros per spin or more then you might not feel like playing free spins that are worth only 20 eurocents each. This is exactly the reason why Yggdrasil Gaming came up with the idea of Super Spins. That way the value of the free bets can be adjusted by the casino and thereby it is possible for them to give away extra valuable spins on Yggdrasil slots. The Yggdrasil Boost idea was introduced as early as May 2015 and it has led to loads of positive reactions so far. We certainly understand why!

Tournaments and lotteries inside the game

Have you tried the Nirvana slot by Yggdrasil Gaming yet? That was the first game in which the latest Yggdrasil Boost properties were introduced. Unlike with any other slots on the internet in the Nirvana slot you can partake in tournaments and lotteries without having to visit an external page. That saves you a lot of hassle and it also makes gambling at an Yggdrasil casino a lot more fun. By using the navigation in your game screen you can get a live overview of any active tournaments on this game, meaning you will not need to interrupt your session at any time. Having to interrupt your game session is something that gamblers hate more than anything after all… Would you like to enjoy Yggdrasil Boost and the many different factors that make it more attractive to play slots that were made by this developer? Then visit one of the casino’s that are recommended by us straight away and register an account!

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