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Money Back

Money back at an online casino

When you decide to gamble online then things can go either way. It is possible to get an amazing win, but sadly there is also a chance that you will lose. In the last case you would of course prefer to get your money back, because no one ever enjoys losing money. If you happened to lose fair and square then there generally isn’t much that the casino can do for you, because they simply wouldn’t exist much longer if they gave every losing player his money back. Nevertheless there are a few circumstances where you may get your money back at an online casino. Reasons for this can be that you lost because of a technical issue in the game or simply because the online casino has a specific policy for this. We will give you a clear overview of the different ways in which you can get your money back from an online casino.
Money back after a technical errorThis won’t happen too often at an Yggdrasil casino, but in some cases a game may get stuck while you are playing it. There can also be a problem with your internet connection or a win may not be added to your casino balance. When there are technical problems with your game and you lose as a result of that then there are some moments where you may get your money back. It needs to be said that you are only entitled to compensation when the result of the game has actually been influenced by these technical problems. When you play a slot then there is always a result that is calculated and given by the game. If there is an internet issue then there is a chance that your connection is cut off, but the results of the last bet will still be added to your balance. If there was a result of a spin in your screen but you did not receive it in your balance, then it is always a good idea to contact customer support. They will then check your game history to see if the win was processed correctly, so that everything is handled in the best way possible.

Money back as a casino policy

It does not need to be the case that there is a technical issue for you to get your money back. In some specific cases you may get your money back at an online casino when there is a special policy for this. Active players sometimes get a special arrangement where they get a percentage of their losses back in bonus money. At No Bonus Casino this type of policy is taken a whole lot further, because there you will always get 10% of your money back if you happened to be unlucky. During promotional offers this percentage may even go up several times, so that sometimes you will even get half of your losses back! Because of this so-called cash back you will always get a second chance to get that big win, but you also have the option to make a withdrawal request. This cash back is not given as a bonus, but in cold hard cash. That means that there are no bonus terms and conditions that apply to this money and you can use it however you wish. Now we shouldn’t be too pessimistic, because you certainly won’t lose every time. When you get a big win then getting your money back at an online casino does not apply, because you will multiply your money instead of losing it.

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