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Most profitable slots

There are plenty of reasons to play slots. Firstly it is simply a lot of fun, partially because of the nice animations and the great audio-visual effects. Modern videoslots offer all kinds of different game features with which you can have many hours of entertainment. But if you just want to look at moving images then of course you might as well watch some television. The reason why slots are so much fun is because it is always exciting to gamble. That big win is going to come at one point, but you never know when it might happen. The one game might pay out a bit more than the other, which is why online casino players desperately want to know which the most profitable slots on the internet are.
Games by Yggdrasil

For starters we can see a big difference between the existing software developers. When you visit a land based casino then you can expect to win a lot less on average than you would online. Also games by lesser reliable developers clearly aren’t the most profitable slots available, but thankfully there are plenty of games where this is completely different. For example the Yggdrasil slots have a relatively high return to player of around 97% on average. This means that around 97 cents on the euro is given back to the player over many millions of game rounds for many different players. Now it may be the case that one player is very lucky and walks into a huge win. This may lead to some other players being less lucky, because at one point this average will have to go back to normal. Because of the simple fact that this percentage is much higher with Yggdrasil games than with most other developers you can count them among the most profitable slots available.

Going by your gut feeling

Every online casino player will recognize the feeling of a slot being either warm or cold. Sometimes you may simply have the idea that things are not going your way and at a moment like that it may be in your favour to change games at the Yggdrasil casino where you are logged in. On a purely technical level this won’t make much sense, but it going by gambling experience it often seems to work. Therefore the most profitable Yggdrasil slots may actually be the ones that feel right while you are placing your bets. If you want to know more about the approach to select the most profitable slots in the long run then we will need to have a look from a more technical perspective.

Be willing to take a risk

One way to separate the one slot from the other is by dividing them between low and high variance slots. A game with high variance will give less frequent wins to the player, but when it does happen then the prize will be relatively higher. When you play low variance slots then you will often play away the small prizes that you get, which makes it more in your advantage to just go for the incidental big wins. The most profitable slots in the long run are without a doubt the games with a high variance. A perfect example of this type of game is the Cazino Zeppelin slot by Yggdrasil. This game can make you go session after session without a decent win, but the chance exists for you to walk away with an unbelievable prize.

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