First exclusive Yggdrasil slot now live

As you know, Yggdrasil is a very popular slot provider that creates videoslots with beautiful designs and exciting features. Their games can be played at loads of online casinos. But did you know that an online casino can also request a slot exclusively for them? Via Yggdrasil White Label Studios, the game providers can create special slots on request, that will then exclusively be available at that particular casino. One of the biggest advantages for the online casino is that Yggdrasil whitelabel slots will always stay exclusive. Whilst many other slot providers will offer the created slot to other online casinos after a certain time has passed, Yggdrasil’s exclusive slots will always and only be available at the casino that requested it. The very first exclusive Yggdrasil whitelabel game, the Royal Family, is now live and can be played at LeoVegas.  Continue reading First exclusive Yggdrasil slot now live

Anonymous deposits at online Yggdrasil Casinos

The number of online casinos has grown enormously in recent years. Just like in any business, more competition results in companies constantly trying to improve themselves and outdo others. Some casinos do this by offering the latest technology, groundbreaking features, lightning fast payouts or around the clock customer service. Whilst just a few years ago players had to choose between a limited amount of payment methods, we can thank the growth of the online gaming industry for adding loads of new options. Having more payment options to choose from, also means you can choose to control what you do and don’t want to leave as a trace on your bank statement. It’s a question we’ve received loads: is it possible to make anonymous deposits at an online Yggdrasil casino? Continue reading Anonymous deposits at online Yggdrasil Casinos

Quarter 4

Results of Yggdrasil Q4 2017

Yggdrasil Gaming has been active in the online gambling scene for quite a while now and they sure have been busy. This company has grown a lot since they came up with the original Jokerizer slot, as we can also see in their latest results which were recently publicly shared on their website. If we can believe their exact words then they’ve had a rather busy final quarter in 2017, which has led to some of the finest results so far. And we are of course going to give you a nice overview in this article!
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latest yggdrasil slots

You can now play the latest Yggdrasil slots!

If you’ve visited this website before then it shouldn’t come as a surprise that we will let you play all of the latest Yggdrasil slots for free. There are dozens of different games available on and every single one of these games is available with an extensive description of the different types of features. Well now, Yggdrasil Gaming has been quite busy recently, meaning we have been able to enjoy a bunch of new games in the past few months. Because of that it has been a bit difficult for us to keep up, but at this point we are happy to say that you can again play literally every single videoslot that has been released by this particular online casino software developer so far!
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yggdrasil fan site

Yggdrasil fan site gets a new name

Players have been coming to this Yggdrasil fan site for years, because it is just a great way to get interesting information about online gambling. Here you can learn all about the products that were made by the best developer on the market, while you can also play for free on their unique games. But did you notice that we changed our name recently? We used to be called Yggdrasil Casino, but since just a few weeks ago we are going by the name Big Tree Casino. At least that way it will become entirely clear that we are an Yggdrasil fan site and not the official method of communication for the company called Yggdrasil Gaming.
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valley of the gods slot

Enjoy the Valley of the Gods slot

In just a few days we will be able to enjoy yet another amazing new game by Yggdrasil. On the 24th of August 2017 we can expect the release of the brand new Valley of the Gods slot and it looks like it has a lot to offer. By the looks of it, it seems to have an ancient Egyptian theme. We have of course seen that before many times with other types of online casino games, but that doesn’t change the fact that the Valely of the Gods slot will bring you a completely different kind of experience. Are you ready for something new?
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rainbow ryan slot

The new Rainbow Ryan slot

Are you as excited to play the new videoslot by Yggdrasil Gaming as we are? We are just a few days away from the official release date of the Rainbow Ryan slot and that means there definitely will be a lot of interesting promotional offers to make use of as well. But first, let’s have a quick look at the game information that has already been released. That way we will get a good first impression and at least we will know more or less what to expect from the latest addition to the Yggdrasil portfolio. This is what we know so far:
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big blox

Play Big Blox by Yggdrasil now

The game won’t officially be released until August, but on our website you can already play the slot with an extensive explanation of all available features. We are of course talking about the Big Blox slot by Yggdrasil that everyone is waiting for… So, do you have as little patience as we do and do you want to experience the different game properties beforehand? Then head to the dedicated page straight away and have a look at what this slot has to offer you. We can promise you one thing, being that you will not be disappointed!
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The largest Joker Millions win ever!

On Monday the 11th of June 2016, the 21-year old Chris from Oslo was waiting for his girlfriend. She was shopping and he certainly didn’t feel like going after her, so he decided to stay and have a seat outside the shop. There he took his mobile phone out of his pocked and logged into his account at LeoVegas. And why shouldn’t he take this time to try his luck on Joker Millions? The jackpot is extremely high and you never know! Chris set his bet level to €1.25 per spin and started betting… And what do you think happened? Within just a few minutes he was 2.9 million euros richer!
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award image

Which slot websites are the best?

You probably noticed by now that we don’t really recommend too many online casinos on our website. At the same time there is quite a number of slot websites to be found on the internet where you can play the games by Yggdrasil Gaming, so that certainly can’t be the problem. So what exactly is the reason why we don’t share the full amount of Yggdrasil slots websites on our list of recommended casinos? That is a good question, but it is a bit hard to give an answer with just one sentence. So please keep reading for an extensive explanation as  to why we like to limit ourselves to a couple of specific online casinos.
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