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Best online casino for Dutch players

It is a pretty big statement when you say that a certain online casino is the best of its kind. But after a lot of research and trying out all different aspects we have definitely found our favourite when it comes to gambling for people from the Netherlands. We definitely believe that the best online casino for Dutch players is Klaver Casino and we have several reasons to back that up. So do you want to play at the best gambling website for people from the Netherlands? Then register your account at Klaver Casino straight away! Do you first want to know why we specifically recommend this online casino? Then keep reading this article.

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joker millions tournament

New Joker Millions tournament

The time has finally come, because the online casino software developer Yggdrasil Gaming has organised yet another in-game promotional offer! This one is sure to be just as popular as the other ones, or perhaps even more than that… Of course they set up some tournaments with the Nirvana slot and the Holmes and the Stolen Stones slot in the past, but now it’s time to play the Joker Millions slot. They are generally going to use the same principle that they used before, because there are several decent cash prizes to be paid out to hundreds of participating players. But considering the game choice we may be able to expect more than just a competition and a couple of cash prizes, as you will get to read in this article.

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jackpots won in a row

Eight jackpots won in a row!

Not too long ago we had mentioned a promotional offer that was set up by Yggdrasil Gaming. During that competition players got to try their luck on the Holmes and the Stolen Stones slot just like any other day, while they also got a chance to win all kinds of additional cash prizes. That competition turned out to be pretty popular, because no less than 8 jackpots have been paid out in an extremely short timeframe! That means more than 250,000 euros in jackpot prizes has been awarded to some very lucky players and that doesn’t even include the regular winnings. Just imagine participating in a competition and walking away with a huge jackpot prize instead!

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slot with monkeys

A new casino slot with monkeys

Of course we had mentioned before that Yggdrasil Casino has a pretty extensive plan when it comes to the games that they are supposed to release in 2016. For example we can expect to get Wicked Circus on the 21st of April, which seem to have a lot of similarities with the classic Jokerizer slot, and they planned the so-called Legend of the Golden Monkey slot for the 24th of May. Now we don’t know all that much yet about the last mentioned game and we also don’t have a free to play version, but at least we know that we will soon have a new casino slot with monkeys and that alone should be fun. But that isn’t all, because we also got a couple of interesting facts about the upcoming slot…

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This is not an April Fools casino joke

On the first day of the month of April you would probably expect to become the subject of a silly joke, but that is not going to happen at Klaver Casino. This Friday they have a wonderful promotional offer to share with their players and that is anything but an April Fools casino joke, regardless of the fact that it is almost too good to be true. Some websites will send you a lame email or a promotional offer that just doesn’t make any sense, but at Klaver Casino they are simply celebrating the fact that it is Friday and that means a new Friday bonus that their players can make use of. And what would that wonderful offer be, you may ask? Well, a deposit bonus of no less than 60% up to 60 euros, that is what!

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holmes tournament

Win the Holmes tournament on 1 April

No, this isn’t a joke… Yggdrasil Gaming has organised another fun tournament on the first day of the upcoming month and that will enable you to win a lot of money yet again! This time you can take part in the competition by playing the Holmes and the Stolen Stones slot at your favourite online casino. That way you may automatically qualify for ten thousand euro in cash prizes, because that is the total amount of money that will be split between the participating players. So do you want to try your luck on a wonderful videoslot, while also getting a chance to win a cash prize on top of your regular winnings from this game? Then make sure to play the Holmes and the Stolen Stones slot between the 1st and the 7th of April 2016!

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holmes jackpot

Lucky player wins the Holmes jackpot!

More and more people are getting lucky while playing the Yggdrasil slots. We get plenty of messages about gamblers who end up walking away with impressive amounts of money and we won’t even mention the Joker Millions jackpot of more than a million euros. Now one lucky lady from Germany managed to win the biggest Holmes jackpot so far on the 21st of March 2016, which means that she is almost 36,000 euros richer! Not a single gambler would so no to that situation, would you? But that isn’t even all of it, because this player managed to win said prize on her 36th birthday, which means she got the best birthday present ever from her favourite online casino!

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huge casino win

Huge casino win (video)

It is good to see a player walk away with a huge casino win, regardless on which game he was trying his luck at the time. Recently Yggdrasil Gaming has announced the winner of the last tournament on Vikings Go Wild and in combination with that announcement they gave us a fun video to watch. The concerning player seems to have had a pretty interesting playing session which led to a huge casino win of more of less 1300 times his original bet. Clearly that is going to get him some great winnings, but in addition to that he has also received €2,500 in prizes, with the compliments of the online casino software developer Yggdrasil Gaming!

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adjusted schedule

Adjusted schedule for new games

On this website we always try to make sure that you are completely informed about the release dates of new slots by Yggdrasil Gaming. Now it will sometimes happen that they come out with an adjusted schedule for new games and in that case we believe that it should be communicated towards the fans as soon as possible! Clearly we wouldn’t want you to look forward to the release of an upcoming game, while the date has already been moved to a completely different month… And it just so happens to be the case that Yggdrasil has made an adjusted schedule which can be found right here in this news post.

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million euro

Win more than a million euro

Just imagine winning more than a million euro out of the blue. That would enable you to do all kinds of fun things, like for example buy your dream car of get a gorgeous new house. Of course this situation sounds too good to be true, because it doesn’t exactly happen every day that someone walks away with such a prize. But did you know that these days it is definitely doable to win more than a million euro with the help of online gambling? The Joker Millions slot is at least as fun as any other casino game on the internet, except this one has one extra feature connected to it. This makes it possible for you to win a progressive jackpot at any given moment and that could come down to a pretty incredible amount of money!

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