slot about football

Play a new slot about football

Are two of your favourite pastimes watching football and also gambling at an online casino? Then you are most definitely going to enjoy this new game! Yggdrasil Gaming is about to release a brand new slot that is called Bicicleta and of course this game has been created because of the upcoming European Championships for countries in 2016. This slot about football is the perfect method to get you in the mood for when the next EURO match is about to begin, or perhaps you prefer to spend half time gambling instead. It’s all up to you!

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progressive jackpot

Win another progressive jackpot!

It is always good to get a chance to win an insane amount of money at an online casino and that is especially possible when you try your luck on a progressive jackpot. Yggdrasil Gaming had released a casino game before which has a progressive jackpot and it turned out to be a big success straight away. The Joker Millions slot offers plenty of interesting game features and furthermore it also has a lot of similarities with the famous and incredibly popular Jokerizer slot that was made by the same developer. But Yggdrasil isn’t going to stop there, because on the 5th of May 2016 you will get a chance to gamble on the Empire Fortune slot and that means even more chances to become a millionaire with one click of a button than before!

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Vikings Go Wild tournament

New Vikings Go Wild tournament

Are you also a big fan of the Vikings Go Wild slot by Yggdrasil Gaming? Then we have some good news for you! This online casino software developer has decided to come up with yet another in-game promotional offer and this time it concerns a Vikings Go Wild tournament. This idea has been used before, but that was with the Nirvana slot. It seems to us that it was quite the hit among payers, because Yggdrasil keep coming with more offers! Between Friday the 4th of March and Sunday the 13th of March you can win no less than ten thousand euros in prizes which are sponsored by the developer. Are you ready to sail the seven seas and win some big prizes this week?

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3d glasses

The relevance of 3D casino games

Everything has to be modern and flashy these days and because of that we even see terms floating around like for example 3D casino games. But what are those exactly? Originally some websites on the internet came with the term ‘3D slots’ a couple of years ago and they were simply referring to modern slots with a three dimensional design. So for all that matters 3D casino games are just videoslots, no more and no less. But this does seem to be changing, because recently we have seen a lot of technological advances happening in one specific type of industry. This development has given a whole new life to the idea behind 3D gambling, meaning it is going to get a lot more relevant than it was before.

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successful developer

An increasingly successful developer

We have published several reports about the increasingly successful developer of online casino games named Yggdrasil Gaming. But this this they have come with the results of the last quarter of the year 2015 and the results pretty much speak for themselves. They have become more successful in every possible way… and not just a little, either! For example they found that the amount of money that is being bet on their games increased tenfold compared to the year before. Furthermore they released a bunch of new games with some very original and unique features and also their software can now be used by players from more countries around the world.

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bonus on deposit

Get a big bonus on deposit this Friday

If you are looking for a big bonus on deposit then you are in luck, because this Friday then have a wonderful promotional offer at Klaver Casino! As many will know, they have something fun every single week, because they have this thing called the recurring ‘Friday bonus’ offer. But in this specific case you can count on a deposit bonus of 25% and it is only valid on the 26th of February 2016. Now you may think that this bonus on deposit is not all that impressive. A percentage of 25% is after all a lot less than what some casinos tend to offer, because in the past few weeks we have seen some promotions which included for example 50% or even 60% bonus on deposit. But there is one specific property that still makes this promotional offer very interesting and that is the maximum amount of extra playing money that you can qualify for.

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Bonus gift

Earn bonus quickly at Klaver Casino

Sometimes you can get some free playing money at an online casino, but in some cases you can also earn bonus quickly. There are some types of promotional offers out there with which you fill find that bonus money is automatically added to your account when you meet certain requirements. That is the case at Klaver Casino this Friday, because on this occasion they will let you earn bonus quickly without too much of a hassle and that is of course always nice. So how does this work exactly? Simply put you will need to gamble as you always do and when you have placed enough bets then 10 euros in free playing money is automatically added to your account. This promotional offer is available on the 19th of February 2016 and all depositing players can make use of it.

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New Yggdrasil games

New Yggdrasil games in 2016

Would you like to know which new Yggdrasil games we can expect this year? Then you have found your way to the right website, because we can tell you exactly which slots this online casino software developer is going to release in the upcoming months. Of course the upcoming releases haven’t been planned ahead for the rest of 2016, but a company like Yggdrasil Gaming does usually set a couple of dates for when they will be coming with new slots. In this news article you will get more information about the new Yggdrasil games that have already been scheduled for the months of February, March, April and May of this year.

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Don’t play a fake version of a slot

You can find the craziest things on the internet, including imitations of all kinds of products like a fake version of a slot. Think for example of Chinese copies of smartphones or fake iPads and even imitations when it comes to famous software brands. As a gambler you might not expect this, but even casino games are sometimes copied by malevolent persons. With a fake version of a slot you are of course not using the original product and that means you are definitely not getting the same chances of winning that you would get with the original version. When it does happen that you are accidentally gambling on a fake version of a slot you really are being conned and that is the last thing we want to see happen.

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Yggdrasil campaigns

Yggdrasil campaigns announced

Were you as impressed as we were with the tournaments and the raffles that were organised within the Nirvana slot? Then we have some great news for you, because a bunch of new Yggdrasil campaigns have been scheduled for the upcoming months! The online casino software developer Yggdrasil Gaming recently announced that they will be coming with a bunch of new campaigns in the first half of 2016. Those offers will not be dependent on the online casino where you play, because they are set up by the developer. Because the unique Yggdrasil Boost system makes it possible for lotteries and raffles to be set up within the game itself and that makes things a lot easier for everyone.

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