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Nirvana tournament

Nirvana tournament and raffle this week

As of Tuesday the 24th of November 2015 you can finally play the Nirvana slot for real money. The best online casinos will place this new game on their website on that day and from that moment on you can try your luck as much as you like. The launch of this new casino game is extra interesting, because it is coupled with a very special tournament. The Nirvana slot has the unique capability to run contests between players that are set up inside of the game. Online gamblers can thereby take part in a Nirvana tournament of raffle, simply by opening the slot and then following the instructions shown in their screen.

Win thousands of euros in prizes

The first in-game promotional offer of the Nirvana slot is planned on the moment of release. From the 24th of November until the 30th of November a free spins tournament is set up, where a total of ten thousand euros in prizes is distributed between participating players. While the leaderboard is usually shown on the website of an online casino, it is now conveniently placed in the Nirvana slot itself. The 100 players who are placed on top of the leaderboard in this game can count on a wonderful cash prize.

Extra raffle or lottery after the tournament

Discovering a new online casino slot is already a lot of fun, especially when this is paired with an interesting and new kind of tournament. There is a chance that you won’t end up in the top 100 on the leaderboard of the Nirvana slot, but with a little bit of effort you should definitely make it to the top 500. Once the Nirvana tournament is over then a raffle will take place two days later and no less than 500 players will qualify for this competition. The lottery will take place about 48 hours after the end of this promotional offer and they will distribute an additional 2000 euros between 45 lucky players. The highest prize that can be awarded during the raffle is 500 euros and we are sure that not a lot of players would say no to that!

Play the Nirvana slot at LeoVegas

A very much recommended Yggdrasil casino where you can participate in this Nirvana tournament is LeoVegas. They seem to be very enthusiastic about this promotional offer, at least when we take a look at the promotional material that they are spreading at this time. At LeoVegas they seem to be completely aware of how these tournaments work, so if you are interested in events like this then we would recommend you to make an account there. You can visit their website by clicking HERE now.

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