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Norske Automater

Norske Yggdrasil casino in Norwegian

The games by Yggdrasil are being played in countries all over the world at this point. Online gambling is popular in many countries, but even more so in Scandinavia. Many big names of software developers such as Yggdrasil are from Scandinavia and there are also a lot of online casino websites that are specifically aimed at these countries. Recently we recommended Karl Casino for our gambling friends from the country of Sweden, but of course we also want to recommend the very best place to gamble for players from Norway. That way they will be able to play the very best slots while being helped by their countrymen, so that their gambling experience is as comfortable as humanly possible. A so-called Norske Yggdrasil casino should of course be available in Norwegian with appropriate promotional offers and an authentic Norwegian customer support team. They should also offer the Yggdrasil slots with which they can try their luck, because we simply don’t want to recommend a casino if they don’t offer the best games around.

norske yggdrasil casino

Play Yggdrasil at Norske Automater

After a long search we ended up with Norske Automater. The name says enough, this website is purely Norwegian and it offers everything that players from this country can possibly wish for. For example there are many regular promotional offers with huge bonuses. On your first deposit you can get no less than 100% bonus up to 2000 kroner plus 25 free spins! They also have a very professional customer support team with Norwegian staff who are willing to go the distance to make your playing experience better than anywhere else on the internet. This Norske Yggdrasil casino is therefore our first choice for players from Norway. Please note that it is not possible to change the language of this website from Norwegian to English or any other language, so this online casino is primarily suitable for players who are from Norway or who prefer communicating in Norwegian.

norwegian yggdrasil casino

Everything a Norwegian Yggdrasil casino should have

Let’s make a quick summary of what this Norske Yggdrasil casino has to offer Norwegian players. Firstly all the promotional offers and events are focused on players from Norway. Think for example of local holidays and other happenings which only exist there. Furthermore the entire customer service team is 100% Norwegian, which means that they speak the language perfectly and that they can help you with any issue you may have. It also speaks for itself that you play in kroner or NOK at a Norwegian online casino. Most casino websites do not offer any options except for euros, pounds or dollars, but this is certainly not the case with Norske Automater. The same goes for depositing methods, as you can use any option that is customary in Norway. This is the reason why we wouldn’t recommend any other casino over Norske Automater for players from this country.

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Reliable Norwegian casino

As we have mentioned many different times before, we only want to recommend a reliable online casino on this website. Norske Automater has every possible license from the MGA in Malta and they offer nothing but the very best slots. They also have a perfect reputation which leaves nothing but good things to say about this Norske Yggdrasil casino. If you are interested in playing at a real Norwegian Yggdrasil casino then we would definitely advise you to register an account at Norske Automater today. All you need to do is click on the above link and follow the instructions on the website. That way you will get a chance to try your luck at the very best online casino in Norway!

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