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Online casino during holidays

People play at an online casino all through the year, from early in the morning until late in the evening. The time of year also makes little difference and you can even play at an online casino during the holidays. Regular people also work at an online casino and they also like a special occasion. That is why you can expect lots of fun promotions and special offers at an online casino during holidays. We would like to give some relevant and recent examples of special offers that were given away at a great online casino. This way you will get an idea of what you can expect in the upcoming years.
Christmas calendar with fun presents

We all know about the Christmas calendars that are given as presents during the holidays. Usually these contain little chocolates, but this may be a little difficult when you are on the internet. That is why All Irish Casino made a Christmas calendar in December 2014 with free spins. For no less than 25 days in a row players were able to open a square every day and find something nice. On the first day of this promotion active players could find an amazing 115 free spins, after which they could find more every day of the month. This way people could play for free at All Irish Casino for almost a full month. The promotional offer ended on 24 December 2014, but very soon after that there were many more nice offers available.

Free spins during Easter

During the Easter holidays of 2015 there was plenty of fun to be had at All Irish Casino. When you play at an online casino during holidays then you will hope for something nice on that specific day. Instead of that, players got special offers eight days in a row. On every single day of the Easter promotion at All Irish Casino 1000 free spins were hidden on a random slot. Players were then able to look for these free spins until all of them had been claimed. If you find them in time then you will get 10 free spins on that specific game, which means that one player can get up to 80 free spins without deposit. Now it is understandable that not everyone feels like searching the many different slots that this online casino has to offer. Luckily they put hints on their news page to help you with this every day.

Best online casino during holidays

It turns out that there are a lot of players who seem to enjoy special promotional offers at an online casino during holidays. We feel the exact same way and that is why we recommend All Irish Casino as the best place to find them. You can register an account by visiting their website now. May you require any additional information about this Yggdrasil casino then you can find an extensive review on our website.

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