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big blox

Play Big Blox by Yggdrasil now

The game won’t officially be released until August, but on our website you can already play the slot with an extensive explanation of all available features. We are of course talking about the Big Blox slot by Yggdrasil that everyone is waiting for… So, do you have as little patience as we do and do you want to experience the different game properties beforehand? Then head to the dedicated page straight away and have a look at what this slot has to offer you. We can promise you one thing, being that you will not be disappointed!

Making a long story short

The Big Blox slot only has one main feature, being the mega blocks that will enter your game screen. With every single spin you will get an extra-large version of one of the existing symbols at a random position, which is at least 2 by 2 squares big and at the most it will take up your entire screen. Because of those big blocks it will become a bit more difficult to make winning combinations, but at the same time it also because easier to get a super mega big win. You can also tell from the fact that this game may give you up to 3888 times your current bet in winnings as the result of a single spin and that sounds pretty good to us.

The moment we’re all waiting for

Of course it’s fun to get a big win with one of those big blocks, but do you know what is much better than that? Getting a mega version of the wild symbol! At that point you’re pretty much guaranteed to get a huge prize, considering the fact that the Big Blox slot has a so-called win-all-ways feature. That means all possible pay lines are active in this game. If you want more specific information about how this slot works then all you need to do is select its title on the website of Yggdrasil casino. There you will find a play for free version plus an extensive slot review. Enjoy!

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