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Player points at an online casino

Many players do not even seem to realize this, but in many cases you can save player points at an online casino. The reason why many people don’t pay any attention to this is because they don’t really know what this means. That is why we would be happy to explain to you how things work, so that you can make good use of this function when it is offered by an Yggdrasil casino. Usually the number of player points at an online casino is shown underneath your casino balance amount or on your account details page. It is a number that often increases gradually as you play on slots or other casino games. The ways in which these points can be saved or exchanged tend to differ per website. In this article you can find a clear overview of how this works on the recommended websites with Yggdrasil games.

  1. All Irish Casino

This typically Irish online casino is our absolute favourite, which is why it is on top of the list in our selection of websites. The option to save player points at an online casino such as All Irish Casino would therefore need to be available. The system behind this is actually quite obvious and not very complicated. The points at this Yggdrasil Casino are primarily focused on awarding players with bad luck with some extra playing money. Every ten euro that you deposit will give you one point worth ten eurocents. Every time you make a withdrawal this is automatically and equally deducted from the amount of player points in your account. So if you happen to be unlucky then the number of points will increase rapidly, after which you can count on a nice bonus. This is done automatically on the website for a minimum amount of fifty player points. In return you will find at least 5 euro in bonus money in your casino balance!

  1. No Bonus Casino

Player points at an online casino are just slightly different at No Bonus Casino, even though the main idea behind this concept is very similar to All Irish Casino. Of course they are not exchanged for bonus, since this is not something that can be found at No Bonus Casino. Instead of that you will be able to receive wonderful cash prizes directly into your balance! For every 25 euro that you deposit you will receive 2.5 player points. When you collect at least 50 player points then these can be exchanged for 5 euro cash or more. There are even promotional offers during which the amount of player points at an online casino is temporarily increased. During an event like that, the amount of points you receive can end up being two, three, four or even ten times as much as usual!

  1. Klaver Casino

It is also possible to save player points at an online casino when you choose for Klaver Casino. The concept does work slightly different on this website compared to for example All Irish Casino, also they appropriately call them ‘klaverpoints’. At this Yggdrasil casino your klaverpoints will increase gradually as you play on the games. In other words it has nothing to do with making deposits or withdrawals, but simply with placing bets on the casino games that can be found on their website. It is even possible to receive klaverpoints from playing with bonus money! The amount of klaverpoints that you collect by playing at Klaver Casino is a lot more, but at the same time the value is a lot less. When you save up at least 1000 klaverpoints then you can have them exchanged by their customer support team for bonus money. A thousand points is equal to 15 euro in bonus, with which you can then continue to save additional klaverpoints!

Do not ignore this function in your online casino account and make good use of it. Player points at an online casino can give you plenty of bonus or even cash, giving you that extra change to go for that big win. At the Yggdrasil casino websites that are mentioned above it will even become possible to use the player points at a web shop so you can purchase all kinds of fun things. This is of course something that we will keep you updated on, so keep an eye on our news messages!

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