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Reliable online casino

When you want to go play on a website that offers the Yggdrasil software, it is important to know whether or not you are doing this at a reliable online casino. This way you will know for sure that you are placing a wager in a secure environment and that you do not associate yourself with a dodgy company. There are a number of different factors by which you can recognize a reliable online casino. A reliable Yggdrasil casino that is mentioned on this website will have to meet all those requirements. Those factors are explained below, so that you will know where you can play without having to worry about anything. First of all, a reliable online casino will need to have good customer service. More specifically, all complaints will need to be handled swiftly and appropriately. To make sure that this is the case they will need to have the right customer complaint procedures which are followed to the letter. In most cases you will not have any complaints when playing at a reliable online casino. Of course it is still possible that something goes wrong or that you do not agree on a certain issue. On a moment like that you will want fast and proper response. When you have to deal with a reliable Yggdrasil casino this should be handled as good as humanly possible.


A reliable online casino will always process the money that you got from your big win. Of course the terms and conditions will need to be upheld before this can be done. A normal requirement that is made is that you wager your deposit at least once before you can make a withdrawal request. However, there are also little rules that are not according to the norm and are not appreciated by experienced players. Examples of this are removing your balance because the bets you place are too high, or refusing to let you make a withdrawal request because of unclear reasons. A reliable online casino will not have anything to do with such strange rules. When you do win a nice amount of money by playing the Yggdrasil games you will want to withdraw. A reliable online casino will do this properly and quickly without giving you much of a hassle. What you do need to keep in mind is that your account may need to be verified at one point. These procedures are for your safety and for the safety of the website, and these have been ordered by government institutions. This has been determined by laws and regulations which a reliable online casino will need to follow. The moment your personal documents are requested they will not be able to process any withdrawal request until these have been received and until these have met all requirements.


Websites with casino games can be based in a number of different countries all over the world. The most common countries are Malta, Curacao and Costa Rica. Only one of these three countries is in the European Union. Thereby only the websites that are based in Malta will need to abide by the laws and regulations of the EU. When an Yggdrasil casino is based in Malta you will know for sure that they are being checked intensively, thereby it has more of a chance of being seen as a reliable online casino. Because of that you will also know that a website based in Malta will not behave irresponsibly, because it is under very strict supervision of government institutes. A reliable online casino that is based in Malta will have to explain itself to the LGA. This is short for the Lotteries and Gaming Authority Malta and it is the government institute which is directly in contact with all websites based on the island. If you go to the website of a reliable online casino then you can usually find a logo of the LGA on the bottom of the home page. When you click on this logo you can find the license number by which the reliable Yggdrasil casino is allowed to operate and offer games.


Next to the licenses that are given to a reliable online casino, the games will also need to receive the proper licensing. A reliable Yggdrasil casino will of course offer the games of Yggdrasil. All of these have the necessary licenses given by the LGA Malta and by Curacao eGaming. Thereby all games are extensively inspected so that you will have plenty of chance to get a big win. You should of course keep in mind that the win percentage or RTP (return to player) of a game has been calculated over many millions of game rounds. Let me it clear that you are not guaranteed to walk away with enormous winnings. However you can rest assured that your personal information is completely safe with a reliable online casino. Whatever you communicate with the website of a reliable online casino will not be shared with any third parties. This is prevented with e.g. a completely certified SSL certificate and a well secured server. This way your documents and your personal information can be seen only by the proprietor of the website and by yourself.

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