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Quarter 4

Results of Yggdrasil Q4 2017

Yggdrasil Gaming has been active in the online gambling scene for quite a while now and they sure have been busy. This company has grown a lot since they came up with the original Jokerizer slot, as we can also see in their latest results which were recently publicly shared on their website. If we can believe their exact words then they’ve had a rather busy final quarter in 2017, which has led to some of the finest results so far. And we are of course going to give you a nice overview in this article!

Yggdrasil’s financial resultsWhen you talk about the results of a company then you will usually be pointing at the monetary part. So that is of course a very important part of this article. Yggdrasil Gaming immediately started explaining its results by sharing their increase in income in the fourth quarter of 2017 compared to the year before. They made 61% more than before, which was of course quite impressive… Although it wasn’t as impressive as the yearly results of 2017 compared to 2016. Year over year they made 95% more, as their income rose from 86.9 million SEK to 169.1 million SEK! And for all that matters, their earnings before interest and tax weren’t too bad either. Those went up with 34% in this quarter compared to the same quarter one year before, which was similar to the increase year over year (35%). In general, it looks like the numbers went up a lot for this particular developer. But frankly that is exactly what we were expecting, considering the many wonderful games they have been consistently putting forward!Play these games everywhere

And if you think that these financial results are impressive, just wait until next year! It just so happens that Yggdrasil Gaming got access to the Danish online casino market in the fourth quarter of 2017 and that means a lot of very enthusiastic gamblers are now able to use their products! This has increased their potential client base even further and that also means their growth potential keeps increasing. In addition to that, Fredrik Elmqvist, the CEO of Yggdrasil, also noted that more and more players from Italy seems to enjoy their games and that means gamblers from all kinds of different countries are pulled towards these types of slots! For all that matters, it is becoming increasingly easy for this developer to offer its games to players, as plenty of new cooperation deals have been announced with online casinos. In Q4 2017 alone, they started working together with six additional companies who will now offer the Yggdrasil selection to their players. Which of course also means that it is becoming more common every day to be confronted with these particular slots on the internet.

New slots and other games

Speaking of games, Yggdrasil Gaming also had some interesting news in that department. We all know that they regularly release new games and that was no different in the fourth quarter of last year. After all, they released the hilarious Pumpkin Smash and Reptoids slots, which are both very impressive, especially when you look at their beautiful graphics and amazing bonus features. Furthermore, they have also been working on the development of other slots in that period, like for example the Ozwin’s Jackpots slot, which was officially released shortly after 2017 and which can now be played for real money. By the way, don’t forget that all of the videoslots that are mentioned in this article can also be played for free on the website of Big Tree Casino, while we will also provide you with an extensive game description on the same page. But regardless of the fact that Yggdrasil makes lots of fun slots, it has never been the only type of product that was made by this company. They originally started with scratch cards and lotto games, after which they created a large selection of slots, and their selection will now be extended even further with bingo! That’s right, Yggdrasil Gaming announced just a few months ago that they will start working on an entirely now product vertical which is bingo. If we can believe Fredrik Elmqvist, that will give players access to lots of new types of features which we have never seen before and that should provide us with an entirely new type of online casino experience! At least, if you like bingo, of course!

Quick summary

So, what did we learn from these results? For starters, Yggdrasil grew a lot in 2017 compared to 2016 and that has been caused by multiple factors. For example, they are being introduced to more and more different markets, while their games can be played in more locations. Furthermore, they are continuously making new games, while they will now also start focusing on the bingo vertical.

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