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Safe online gambling

Many people enjoy to gamble once in a while. However, not everyone feels like taking the trouble to actually go to the casino. These are not always around the corner, so in many cases you would need to make the trip to go there. Also you would need to dress up for the occasion which is something not everybody feels like. None of these things will be necessary when you are playing online. When it comes to playing at an online casino people sometimes tend to be a bit skeptical. Safe online gambling is most definitely possible, but you should always stay critical. The necessary instructions for safe online gambling can be found here.


The biggest problem with finding out where safe online gambling is possible is selecting the right online casino. The websites can differ a lot when it comes to the organization behind it and its reliability. A reliable online casino is a website where you can play a game and do some safe gambling on Yggdrasil games without worrying. Also this is a place where safe online gambling is very much possible. The first selection that you can make is the country where the online casino is located. In by far most cases Malta is the safest choice when it comes to location, because online casino’s that are located in Malta are bound to European laws and regulations. When you visit a website, first check on the bottom of the page where it is located. When you see the logo of the LGA (Lotteries and Gaming Authority Malta) you will know all is well. If an online casino in Malta decides to break any laws and regulations, it would have to answer to the LGA directly. Safe online gambling is possible with any Yggdrasil casino that is mentioned on this website. These fulfill all the requirements of a reliable online casino which means these provide safe gambling on Yggdrasil games. On these websites you will be able to make a deposit and play while your personal information is safe and secure. The safest types of depositing methods need to be available. Also it should be possible to make a withdrawal request without having any unnecessary problems.


Safe online gambling does not mean that you can deposit and withdraw without any sort of control. A reliable online casino will at one point request our personal documentation for security reasons. This is for both the safety of the player and for the safety of the online casino. That way safe online gambling can be guaranteed. Nevertheless, it is always a very good idea to send your personal documents in such a way that you are sure that nothing could ever happen to them. There are different ways to minimize any chances of fraud. The most recommended method you can use is marking your images. When you make a photograph or a scan of e.g. your identification method, you will have this as an image on your computer. This image can be opened with the Paint program, after which you can write “for name of the Yggdrasil casino”, in colored letters. This can be written on top of the image of the document, but make sure that the original text of the document will still be readable. The method that is mentioned above can of course also be used for a proof of address of a proof of your payment method. That way you can be sure that your documents are not used for any illegitimate activities, which ensures safe online gambling to a great extent.


It is of course a good thing to be registered with a reliable online casino that has and follows all the proper procedures. But to ensure safe online gambling you will also need the safest games. There are online casino games available from all kinds of different developers. Not all of these are equally reliable or fair, as they have for example different return to player (RTP) percentages. Safe online gambling can only be done with games that give you a fair chance to win. This includes games from a number of developers such as Netent, Novomatic and also Yggdrasil gaming. The games of these developers are completely certified and checked by government institutions. For example the Yggdrasil slots have an RTP that is very close to the 100%. This means that on average players will get nearly as much in winnings as they place in bets. Do not forget that this has been calculated over many millions of game rounds. Thereby, your personal experience may differ and that will not make it any more or less safe online gambling. It is possible to get a huge win and to have a big loss. Whether or not you win lots of money does not determine to what extent this concerns safe online gambling. Even with the safest and fairest games you may lose, and even on a less reliable online casino you may win. Safe online gambling is still gambling, which can go either way. What you will be guaranteed at a reliable online casino is that your personal information is safe and that your winnings can be withdrawn to your bank account without a problem.

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