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Which slot websites are the best?

You probably noticed by now that we don’t really recommend too many online casinos on our website. At the same time there is quite a number of slot websites to be found on the internet where you can play the games by Yggdrasil Gaming, so that certainly can’t be the problem. So what exactly is the reason why we don’t share the full amount of Yggdrasil slots websites on our list of recommended casinos? That is a good question, but it is a bit hard to give an answer with just one sentence. So please keep reading for an extensive explanation as  to why we like to limit ourselves to a couple of specific online casinos.
First of all we have some strict rules

There are dozens of Yggdrasil casino websites to be found, but we only want to share and recommend the best and the most reliable slots websites there are. Of course it is impossible to constantly follow and inspect all of those websites ourselves and that is why we have decided to stick to some simple criteria. First of all, an online casino needs to have an MGA license from the Maltese government. That is a pretty good sign that they are reliable, because they would be under the supervision of one of the strictest governmental institutes when it comes to online gambling, while they are also within the European Union. Furthermore we tend to have a look at the reputation that they have among gamblers as slot websites and if they have a clean sheet they will sooner make it to our limited selection.

We like to keep things easy for you

Sure, there are more Yggdrasil slots websites that meet the criteria that we just mentioned here. Nevertheless, we like to limit ourselves to a small amount of casinos with our personal favourites and we have several reasons to do so. First of all, that way we are sure that you will end up at an online casino that is top quality. Second of all, it keeps our fan site nice and clear and that is much nicer when you are looking to get some information about a specific subject, don’t you agree?

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