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Super free spins by Yggdrasil

Have you heard about super free spins yet? They are a very special kind of spins that can only be used with the slots that are made by Yggdrasil Gaming. They work just a little bit differently and they were developed in such a way that you will always finish a playing session with a good feeling. As a gambler you are sure to have had a win of zero euros while making use of a promotional offer. That kind of experience will leave a bad taste in your mouth and that type of experience won’t make anyone happy. An online casino wants a players to enjoy the games and a player simply wants to have some money to continue playing. It is for those reasons why Yggdrasil Gaming developed the super free spins, so that these types of situations can be avoided from now on.
Keep playing endlessly

When you get super free spins on Yggdrasil slots then you are always guaranteed to get a win. For example if you are still at zero euros after playing 10 spins then your free session is not over yet. In that case the super free spins will continue going until you finally manage to get a win. Of course that doesn’t necessarily mean that you will end up with an insane amount of money, but at least you will end up with some kind of a win as a result of this promotional offer! This way the old fashioned idea of free spins has been turned into something completely new by the online casino software developer Yggdrasil Gaming.

How to claim these special spins

The way that these super free spins work will undoubtedly appeal to a lot of gamblers. Now you may wonder how and where you can get them. Firstly this free spins variant can only be used on the Yggdrasil slots, so it will have to be with an online casino that offers these games. The best online casinos are recommended on our website, so take your pick! How often they give away super free spins may differ per Yggdrasil casino. That is why it might be best to simply create an account and keep yourself updated with the promotional offers that they come up with!

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