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Win Euro Cup prizes with Bicicleta

The Bicicleta slot by Yggdrasil Gaming has been available for a little while, but EURO 2016 has started by now as well. There are plenty of Euro Cup prizes to be won, because there is a lot more to be found than just the cup. The developer of this wonderful casino game is coming with brand new promotional offers during the tournament. For example, they had organised a ‘cash race’ during half time of the very first match of EURO 2016. After the first half of the match between France and Romania on the 10th of June all you had to do was play the Bicicleta slot and hope for the best. Because that way you could have qualified for part of ten thousand euros in cash prizes!

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Adjusted schedule for new games

On this website we always try to make sure that you are completely informed about the release dates of new slots by Yggdrasil Gaming. Now it will sometimes happen that they come out with an adjusted schedule for new games and in that case we believe that it should be communicated towards the fans as soon as possible! Clearly we wouldn’t want you to look forward to the release of an upcoming game, while the date has already been moved to a completely different month… And it just so happens to be the case that Yggdrasil has made an adjusted schedule which can be found right here in this news post.

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Play a new slot about football

Are two of your favourite pastimes watching football and also gambling at an online casino? Then you are most definitely going to enjoy this new game! Yggdrasil Gaming is about to release a brand new slot that is called Bicicleta and of course this game has been created because of the upcoming European Championships for countries in 2016. This slot about football is the perfect method to get you in the mood for when the next EURO match is about to begin, or perhaps you prefer to spend half time gambling instead. It’s all up to you!

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