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The best jackpot slot strategy

When you gamble online then clearly you are looking to end your session with as much money as possible. Generally the biggest prize you can get is a jackpot, so if there would be an easy way to claim one of those then that would be fantastic. Sadly there is no secret formula for that, but that doesn’t change the fact that there is a jackpot slot strategy that you can use to hopefully win a lot of cash. In this article you can find a useful method that might help you win an insane amount of money. Of course we cannot guarantee that you will become a millionaire by following our recommendations, but your chances of winning should definitely increase.

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German player wins half a million euros

It really hasn’t been that long since Kim from Norway managed to win the very first Joker Millions jackpot. She walked away with a cool 720 thousand euros and that was after a playing session that took less than half an hour. Now the same jackpot has paid out for a second time, giving one lucky German player no less than 460.052 euros. The winner of almost half a million euros is called Thomas, he is 35 years old and he is from the South of Germany. In his own words he was in complete shock and he couldn’t believe what just happened. He is planning to buy new furniture with his winnings and to give half of the money to his parents.

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This is a super mega big win (video)

Have you ever had a REALLY nice win while playing a slot machine? Then are curious to see whether or not it comes close to this super mega big win on Cazino Zeppelin! About a week ago a video appeared where a player got a truly amazing win. The video can be found in this news article and we will explain what happened exactly. Do you want a short summary of this super mega big win? A player manages to get a win that has five digits… and it has nothing to do with jackpots or anything like that!

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We won the Holmes jackpot!

The game hasn’t been around very long yet, but we honestly cannot get enough of the Holmes and the Stolen Stones slot. This games has a number of fun game features and also five different jackpots which we are very much hoping to win. Last night we finally managed to win a Holmes Jackpot, even though it was just a partial success. In this article we will give you a quick summary of our personal experience with this game. It definitely was an interesting session during which we managed to collect five stolen stones that had the same colour. Firstly we will give away that we did not walk away with that prize of tens of thousands of euros, but never say never!

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Big wins at an online casino

Next to the fun and excitement there is only one thing that we are looking for when we gamble at an online casino. When you try your luck then you are aiming to win as much as possible. But how and when do you get the big wins at an online casino? There actually are some tricks to that and we will explain them to you right here. So have a seat, relax and keep reading, because you might get a big win as a result of this news article… and big wins can of course be very big, right up to millions of euros!

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Joker Millions jackpot winner (video)

Can you imagine what an experience it would be to win a jackpot at an online casino? You are quietly sitting behind your computer, playing one of your favourite games… Then suddenly you find an unbelievable amount of money in your casino balance. Of course we are not talking about a couple of thousands of euros, but about a much larger amount. Recently one lucky jackpot winner walked away with no less than 720.000 euros! We had informed our readers about this monster win on the Joker Millions slot when it had just happened, but now we also have an interesting video that you can watch on our website.

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Four tips for a big win

There are so many success stories out there with players that end with an amazing win, but how do they manage to do that? For the most part, online gambling simply comes down to luck. But there most certainly are ways to make your own luck to a certain extent. Think for example of applying different types of tactics and of betting on the right games at the right moments. In this article you can find an overview with strategies by experiences online casino players. Follow the four tips for a big win and you may be the main subject of the next success story that is spread around on the internet!

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