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Win huge cash prizes with Legend of the Golden Monkey

Do you like the latest slot by Yggdrasil Gaming as fun as we do? Then you have even more reason to play it in the upcoming week, because from the 31st of May until the 8th of June 2016 they set up a wonderful promotional offer at Mr Green which is aimed at that specific casino game. All you need to do is play for real money on the new Legend of the Golden Monkey slot by Yggdrasil and hope that you run into a nice win. Because the more you play, the more tickets you collect and that way you will steadily increase your chances to win cash prizes which may go up to 2,500 euros!

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New Joker Millions tournament

The time has finally come, because the online casino software developer Yggdrasil Gaming has organised yet another in-game promotional offer! This one is sure to be just as popular as the other ones, or perhaps even more than that… Of course they set up some tournaments with the Nirvana slot and the Holmes and the Stolen Stones slot in the past, but now it’s time to play the Joker Millions slot. They are generally going to use the same principle that they used before, because there are several decent cash prizes to be paid out to hundreds of participating players. But considering the game choice we may be able to expect more than just a competition and a couple of cash prizes, as you will get to read in this article.

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Eight jackpots won in a row!

Not too long ago we had mentioned a promotional offer that was set up by Yggdrasil Gaming. During that competition players got to try their luck on the Holmes and the Stolen Stones slot just like any other day, while they also got a chance to win all kinds of additional cash prizes. That competition turned out to be pretty popular, because no less than 8 jackpots have been paid out in an extremely short timeframe! That means more than 250,000 euros in jackpot prizes has been awarded to some very lucky players and that doesn’t even include the regular winnings. Just imagine participating in a competition and walking away with a huge jackpot prize instead!

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About online casino personnel

When you start to gamble on the internet then you will usually get the option to contact customer support through a live chat function or per telephone. The online casino personnel you get to speak to are not robots, nor are they automated messaging systems, but simply persons of flesh and blood. For all that matters, there are actually quite a few people who work at these organizations and it might be interesting for you as a player to get some information about that. There is a lot more online casino personnel around than you might think, because a company like that certainly doesn’t run on the automatic pilot. That way you will get to learn all about how a casino actually works, which must be pretty interesting for a real gambler.

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Extra Christmas offers at Mr Green

It was already clear that Mr Green has put up a wonderful advent calendar. Of course they are not the only online casino that has nice offers, but the ones that they have are pretty remarkable. In total they are giving away no less than ten millions free spins at Mr Green during the holidays, so that is quite something. At this point, players have benefited from thousands of free spins already and surely they have paid out pretty substantial prizes. Now it turns out that there are some extra Christmas offers at Mr Green as well. These will give you a chance to win all kinds of wonderful prizes, including luxury holidays and the latest electronics.

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Ten million free spins at Mr Green

Let’s set one thing straight first of all: At Mr Green you will not get ten million free spins as a player of course, because those are divided among all of the participants in their advent calendar. From the 24th of November until the 24th of December 2015 anyone can participate in the advent calendar of Mr Green and that means online gambling while you get in the holiday spirits. Every online casino has a different way of setting up its advent calendar, but the one at Mr Green is quite unique. How so? Well, they pretty much focus on free spins which will come your way every single day. In this article we will explain what exactly you can expect in the upcoming month.

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Online casino with a lot of bonus

We all look for something different when it comes to online gambling. Some people think that good service is the most important factor and others tend to look for an online casino with a lot of bonus. You can enjoy bonus money and many other types of offers at pretty much any casino, but of course they will not give you the same thing everywhere. That is exactly the reason why we would like to give you some prima examples when it comes to bonus at an online casino. There are some websites where you can play for free on a regular basis and then there are some other websites where they will rarely give you any playing money on the house. This overview is based on personal experiences, so as a gambler you might be able to find yourself in the results.

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The new website of Mr Green

They always had a good looking website, but that is something that is to be expected of an online casino like Mr Green. Just a few days ago they introduced a completely new design that is supposed to be a bit more of this time. This change means a number a good things for you, like for example full responsiveness, better mobile functionality and a more modern type of navigation. This makes the new website of Mr Green even nicer, more fun and more convenient to place a wager at this online casino. Clearly we are quite enthusiastic about this new responsive website of Mr Green and will tell you why that is the case.

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Gambling during Halloween at Mr Green

Halloween is of course a very American holiday, but it is becoming more and more popular in other countries as well. Even at the online casino Mr Green you can gamble during Halloween, and that is also connected to a bunch of wonderful promotional offers. From Friday until Monday you can win insane amounts of money in a pretty unique way. They are not giving away free spins or bonus, but cash drops and cash prizes! We aren’t talking about a couple of tens of euros either, but hundreds of thousands of euros that are awarded to some lucky players… There are three different offers available when you try gambling during Halloween at Mr Green. This includes a lottery on Monday the 2nd of November and two cash drops during the weekend.

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Grab your autumn spins at Mr Green

The autumn season has begun. That usually means lots of rain and falling leafs, but in this case it also means lots of falling spins that are heading your way! The online casino named Mr Green has come with a wonderful autumn campaign which they like to call the “season of the falling free spins”. That sounds nice and all, but what is so special about this campaign? Let us tell you! From the 23rd of September until the 2nd of October you can claim huge amounts of autumn spins. They are awarded whenever you make a deposit and next to that there are also plenty to be won. The overview of the autumn campaign of Mr Green is shown below.

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