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The relevance of 3D casino games

Everything has to be modern and flashy these days and because of that we even see terms floating around like for example 3D casino games. But what are those exactly? Originally some websites on the internet came with the term ‘3D slots’ a couple of years ago and they were simply referring to modern slots with a three dimensional design. So for all that matters 3D casino games are just videoslots, no more and no less. But this does seem to be changing, because recently we have seen a lot of technological advances happening in one specific type of industry. This development has given a whole new life to the idea behind 3D gambling, meaning it is going to get a lot more relevant than it was before.

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Big wins at an online casino

Next to the fun and excitement there is only one thing that we are looking for when we gamble at an online casino. When you try your luck then you are aiming to win as much as possible. But how and when do you get the big wins at an online casino? There actually are some tricks to that and we will explain them to you right here. So have a seat, relax and keep reading, because you might get a big win as a result of this news article… and big wins can of course be very big, right up to millions of euros!

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Low and high variance slots

There are different kinds of online casino players. Some just like to play for the big wins and others just want to have as much entertainment as possible for their money. The slots that are most ideal for these different types of players are also quite different. If you like to click and play for as long as possible with the same deposit then low variance slots might be more interesting for you. These games offer relatively more small wins, which means that there is less of a chance of losing your money in one short playing session. When you have more small wins with low variance slots then there are fewer extremities in your casino balance. The opposite is the case when you play with high variance slots. It may happen with these games that you keep playing without a single win in a session. On the other hand you could suddenly get an enormous win while playing high variance slots. With the latter you can definitely expect more extremities in your casino balance.

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Types of bonus games

A number of different bonus games can be found when playing the different Yggdrasil videoslots, like for example the famous Jokerizer slot or the new Reef Run slot. This regards a special type of extra game which you can enable with a little bit of luck. This may happen when a special function is activated in a videoslot, like for example with the Jokerizer slot. It is also possible that you need to collect a number of bonus symbols before the secret extra game is activated, like with the Reef Run slot. When you make the rolls spin while playing in one of the bonus games, your winning chances are going up sky high. This is the moment most people are waiting for when they play fruit machines. While playing the bonus games you usually do not risk losing a single penny, while the winnings generally only go up. Most super big wins in online gambling are generally found in a lucky session after activating one of the many bonus games.

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The new Reef Run slot

We did not need to wait very long for the next addition to the Yggdrasil slots this time. A fantastic new game has been announced which has completely new features compared to the other ones currently available. This one also has an amazing new theme and it looks just as nice as the other Yggdrasil slots. We are talking about the brand new Reef Run slot. This videoslot takes place in an underwater world with all kinds of animals that can be found on the ocean floors. Of course the quality of the new Reef Run slot is just as good as the other Yggdrasil games when it comes to graphics, but you can also win some amazing prizes!The combinations that are possible with the new Reef Run slot can be made with the different underwater creatures. Think of crabs, lobsters, squids, sea horses, sea snails or puffer fishes. Of course these animals are presented to you in a pleasant manner with very nice animations. In this game a single payline can provide you with 20,000 coins, which is caused by a feature that is not available in any other video slot by Yggdrasil. The new Reef Run slot is the very first Yggdrasil game that has a free spins feature!

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