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The different types of Jokerizer games

The original Jokerizer slot became unbelievably popular among online casino players after it was released by Yggdrasil Gaming some time ago. This modern version of an old fashioned game was exactly what the community needed and that became pretty obvious considering how interested people from all over the world seemed to be.  The developer rightfully made good use of this opportunity, because the popularity of this slot indicated that players want to see more of these types of products. That is why Yggdrasil Gaming has since then released three other games that can be seen as different types of Jokerizer games. They all have the same general setup with five reels and three rows of symbols, bonus symbols with jokers and of course a special game mode where you can possibly get some huge wins. But what exactly are the differences between these different types of Jokerizer games?

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Different types of slots with jokers

When you look at the different types of casino games that can be found on the internet then there is a good chance that you will eventually find a pattern. There are a number of patterns that tend to come around pretty often, like for example diamonds and wilds. It is more remarkable how many different slots with jokers there are, because that is oddly specific. For example, Netent has a classic slot named Mega Joker and there is also another old fashioned fruit machine called Joker 8000. The relatively new online casino software developer Yggdrasil Gaming also has a number of slots with jokers and they happen to be very high quality.

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The Dark Joker Rizes slot of the year

The developer Yggdrasil Gaming makes all kinds of amazing slots, but only one of them can be the best. That is why they have announced one of their games to be the slot of the year. It turns out that The Dark Joker Rizes as a slot has been played by far the most in the past year at online casinos. Slots are usually at their peak in terms of popularity just after they have been released, but it looks like people play The Dark Joker Rizes just as much as they play new releases every single month! That is of course a very impressive fact on its own, but what exactly is the reason why this slot is so popular among gamblers?

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