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The new LeoVegas welcome bonus

It really hasn’t been all that long since LeoVegas introduced a new welcome bonus for Dutch players, but it looks like they altered their offer for new players yet again. This time the changes are a whole lot smaller, because it looks like it’s only the maximum amounts of bonus that have been adjusted. In this article we will give you a quick and clear summary of what you can expect of this online casino from now on. Also we are looking to give you some extra information about why the LeoVegas welcome bonus for Dutch players has been changed, because such a minor adjustment seems to be a bit useless at first sight.

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Get more bonus than usual today

A lot of online casinos will come with regular promotional offers, but of course they are very different in terms of attractiveness. Sometimes you will get 30% bonus on top of your deposit or on a good day you might get 50% with a relatively low maximum amount. For all we care, a proper deposit bonus is a good reason to play somewhere and that is why we want to give a little bit of extra attention to the Friday bonus of this week at Klaver Casino. There you will get no less than 60% bonus up to a maximum of 60 euro on the 6th of May 2016 and that certainly is a lot more than what we are used to from other websites!

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Extra money to gamble on the internet

When you wish to play at an online casino then you will usually need to put money in your account by making a deposit, but this isn’t always the case. Sometimes you will also get an opportunity to get extra money to gamble on the internet because of a bonus or free spins. Players at Klaver Casino will also get a chance to make use of a nice promotional offer this Friday and if you are looking for some extra money to gamble at an online casino then it wouldn’t be a bad idea to make use of it. Because with this Friday bonus you can get no less than 60% more playing money than usual!

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Now get 50 free spins on registration!

They already gave new players all kinds of fun things at LeoVegas, but they have made their offers even more interesting. Because from now on you may get 50 free spins on registration!  If you follow our link today, visit the website of the casino and then register an account then you will get 50 free spins to play with straight away. Not a bad deal, right? That isn’t even the whole story by the way, because they have also increased the amount of free spins that you get on your first deposit from 180 to 200. In other words, the entire welcome package of LeoVegas has been adjusted and this is certainly an advantage for new players.

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Best deposit bonus at the moment

It isn’t easy to keep up with the best promotional offers around. That is probably also the reason why you ended up on this website and we would be more than happy to help you with some personal advice. The best deposit bonus at the moment can be found at Klaver Casino, because if you make a deposit this Friday then you will get no less than 50% bonus up to 50 euros. There, that was a short and clear answer! Did you miss this specific offer? Don’t worry, because they have plenty of regular and recurring offers that you can make use of! In this article we will tell you more about what you can expect at Klaver Casino. That way you can always make use of the best deposit bonus at the moment without having to go and look for it.

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Online casino with a lot of bonus

We all look for something different when it comes to online gambling. Some people think that good service is the most important factor and others tend to look for an online casino with a lot of bonus. You can enjoy bonus money and many other types of offers at pretty much any casino, but of course they will not give you the same thing everywhere. That is exactly the reason why we would like to give you some prima examples when it comes to bonus at an online casino. There are some websites where you can play for free on a regular basis and then there are some other websites where they will rarely give you any playing money on the house. This overview is based on personal experiences, so as a gambler you might be able to find yourself in the results.

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LeoVegas gives one thousand in bonus

The original welcome bonus at LeoVegas was already very nice, but they decided to make it even nicer at this point. That is of course nothing but good news for gamblers and that is why we would be more than happy to share this news! Starting Friday the 23rd of October 2015 you can claim no less than a thousand in bonus, although this depends on the country. This welcome bonus is generally given on your first four deposits, so you can expect lots of extra excitement at the lion of casinos. Such an offer can rarely be found at another decent casino, so we are sure that you will appreciate it if we give you a further explanation of this welcome package with a thousand in bonus.

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Make an account at Klaver Casino

There is a good chance that you are looking to register an account at an online casino that is recommended by us. A good choice would be Klaver Casino, because that website has built a very good reputation over the years. Now it may be the case that you have never gone through the registration process before and that is where we will help you out. You can make an account at Klaver Casino in just a matter of minutes. All you need to do is give some standard information, after which you can start playing on the most entertaining and profitable slots around.

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Regular bonus offers at online casinos

There are plenty of options to choose from when you want to play at an online casino. Now there are a bunch of reasons why you should choose a specific website, like for example the reliability of the casino and the types of games that they offer. The online casinos that we recommend will pass those tests with flying colours, so there is no need to worry about that. Another point of selection could be whether or not they have regular bonus offers. That makes online gambling a lot more fun and when you make use of a nice offer you will have better chances of getting a big win as well.

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Polder Casino has 100 spins on registration!

You might be used to online casinos giving away when you register a new account, so that is nothing new in itself. But it looks like Polder Casino has gone absolutely mad at this point! They are giving away no less than 100 free spins to every new Dutch player and you don’t need to make a single deposit for that! But that isn’t all, because when you do make a deposit then you will also get the standard welcome bonus plus 100 additional free spins. That’s right… That comes down to a grand total of 200 free spins plus 50% bonus up to 198.60 euros. Would you like to make use of this crazy offer at Polder Casino? Then keep reading!

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