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Win Euro Cup prizes with Bicicleta

The Bicicleta slot by Yggdrasil Gaming has been available for a little while, but EURO 2016 has started by now as well. There are plenty of Euro Cup prizes to be won, because there is a lot more to be found than just the cup. The developer of this wonderful casino game is coming with brand new promotional offers during the tournament. For example, they had organised a ‘cash race’ during half time of the very first match of EURO 2016. After the first half of the match between France and Romania on the 10th of June all you had to do was play the Bicicleta slot and hope for the best. Because that way you could have qualified for part of ten thousand euros in cash prizes!

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New Joker Millions tournament

The time has finally come, because the online casino software developer Yggdrasil Gaming has organised yet another in-game promotional offer! This one is sure to be just as popular as the other ones, or perhaps even more than that… Of course they set up some tournaments with the Nirvana slot and the Holmes and the Stolen Stones slot in the past, but now it’s time to play the Joker Millions slot. They are generally going to use the same principle that they used before, because there are several decent cash prizes to be paid out to hundreds of participating players. But considering the game choice we may be able to expect more than just a competition and a couple of cash prizes, as you will get to read in this article.

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Win the Holmes tournament on 1 April

No, this isn’t a joke… Yggdrasil Gaming has organised another fun tournament on the first day of the upcoming month and that will enable you to win a lot of money yet again! This time you can take part in the competition by playing the Holmes and the Stolen Stones slot at your favourite online casino. That way you may automatically qualify for ten thousand euro in cash prizes, because that is the total amount of money that will be split between the participating players. So do you want to try your luck on a wonderful videoslot, while also getting a chance to win a cash prize on top of your regular winnings from this game? Then make sure to play the Holmes and the Stolen Stones slot between the 1st and the 7th of April 2016!

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Huge casino win (video)

It is good to see a player walk away with a huge casino win, regardless on which game he was trying his luck at the time. Recently Yggdrasil Gaming has announced the winner of the last tournament on Vikings Go Wild and in combination with that announcement they gave us a fun video to watch. The concerning player seems to have had a pretty interesting playing session which led to a huge casino win of more of less 1300 times his original bet. Clearly that is going to get him some great winnings, but in addition to that he has also received €2,500 in prizes, with the compliments of the online casino software developer Yggdrasil Gaming!

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New Vikings Go Wild tournament

Are you also a big fan of the Vikings Go Wild slot by Yggdrasil Gaming? Then we have some good news for you! This online casino software developer has decided to come up with yet another in-game promotional offer and this time it concerns a Vikings Go Wild tournament. This idea has been used before, but that was with the Nirvana slot. It seems to us that it was quite the hit among payers, because Yggdrasil keep coming with more offers! Between Friday the 4th of March and Sunday the 13th of March you can win no less than ten thousand euros in prizes which are sponsored by the developer. Are you ready to sail the seven seas and win some big prizes this week?

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An increasingly successful developer

We have published several reports about the increasingly successful developer of online casino games named Yggdrasil Gaming. But this this they have come with the results of the last quarter of the year 2015 and the results pretty much speak for themselves. They have become more successful in every possible way… and not just a little, either! For example they found that the amount of money that is being bet on their games increased tenfold compared to the year before. Furthermore they released a bunch of new games with some very original and unique features and also their software can now be used by players from more countries around the world.

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Yggdrasil campaigns announced

Were you as impressed as we were with the tournaments and the raffles that were organised within the Nirvana slot? Then we have some great news for you, because a bunch of new Yggdrasil campaigns have been scheduled for the upcoming months! The online casino software developer Yggdrasil Gaming recently announced that they will be coming with a bunch of new campaigns in the first half of 2016. Those offers will not be dependent on the online casino where you play, because they are set up by the developer. Because the unique Yggdrasil Boost system makes it possible for lotteries and raffles to be set up within the game itself and that makes things a lot easier for everyone.

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Making use of Yggdrasil Boost

The term Yggdrasil Boost refers to a collection of exclusive game properties that the online casino software developer Yggdrasil Gaming makes use of to make its games more interesting than those that were made by the competition. If you enjoy gambling on the internet then there is a good chance that there special functionalities have shown up in your screen before, because there are quite a lot of places where you can play the slots that are made by this developer by now. In this article we will sum up the current exclusive game properties that are counted under the collective term Yggdrasil Boost. That way you will also get an idea of what makes the games by Yggdrasil Gaming so very special, even when you don’t count the wonderful designs and the unique features.

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Nirvana tournament and raffle this week

As of Tuesday the 24th of November 2015 you can finally play the Nirvana slot for real money. The best online casinos will place this new game on their website on that day and from that moment on you can try your luck as much as you like. The launch of this new casino game is extra interesting, because it is coupled with a very special tournament. The Nirvana slot has the unique capability to run contests between players that are set up inside of the game. Online gamblers can thereby take part in a Nirvana tournament of raffle, simply by opening the slot and then following the instructions shown in their screen.

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