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Yggdrasil Gaming gets a UK license

Are you an online gambler who happens to reside in the United Kingdom? Then we have some good news for you today! The online casino software developer Yggdrasil Gaming just got a UK license, which means that all players from England and its surroundings are now also allowed to try their luck on the best slots to be found on the internet. Of course Yggdrasil had applied for a license at the UK Gambling Commission at an earlier stage, but it has now been officially approved. At this point it is just a matter of time until British players will start playing the games from this developer in huge numbers.

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Superior gaming with Yggdrasil

It is quite the thing to say, superior gaming at a casino. Initially it seems like a bit of an arrogant thing to say and furthermore it is of course very debatable which way of gambling is better than the other. It just so happens that ‘Superior Gaming’ is the slogan of the online casino software developer Yggdrasil Gaming. What makes these people think that their games are so much better than the rest? We can think of a few reasons, actually… Regardless of the fact that there are plenty of nice, fun and famous slots to be found on the internet we can name a few points where the games by Yggdrasil Gaming are most certainly better than the rest.

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Super free spins by Yggdrasil

Have you heard about super free spins yet? They are a very special kind of spins that can only be used with the slots that are made by Yggdrasil Gaming. They work just a little bit differently and they were developed in such a way that you will always finish a playing session with a good feeling. As a gambler you are sure to have had a win of zero euros while making use of a promotional offer. That kind of experience will leave a bad taste in your mouth and that type of experience won’t make anyone happy. An online casino wants a players to enjoy the games and a player simply wants to have some money to continue playing. It is for those reasons why Yggdrasil Gaming developed the super free spins, so that these types of situations can be avoided from now on.

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Yggdrasil Gaming grows on

This year Yggdrasil Gaming did remarkably well as an online casino software developer. They have been growing gradually and their games can be found more often every day at reliable casinos. What have they achieved in the past months? We’ll tell you! Firstly they have developed all kinds of new systems which make the games run even better and which will let them release new and improved versions. Also the Yggdrasil slots are now available in many more languages and currencies. But more importantly for the players is that the games by Yggdrasil Gaming have been incredibly well received, which has led to new online casinos offering their software.

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The iSense 2.0 platform by Yggdrasil

We had already placed several articles already about the technology behind the Yggdrasil slots. As a gambler you will probably ask yourself why you should care and how some underlying computer system applies to you in the first place. The answer to that question is actually quite simple. With a better system you will get better games that also function properly on all kinds of devices. With the new iSense 2.0 platform by Yggdrasil you will no longer have to deal with a loading screen that seems to get stuck for an eternity. You can now also play the best slots on your iPhone, iPad, android smartphone or tablet. The iSense 2.0 platform by Yggdrasil will enable you to gamble on all popular mobile devices!

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What are the slots with a tree?

The name of the online casino software developer Yggdrasil is not known by every single player. It is of course a term that is not very simple and it certainly isn’t easy to spell. People who enjoy online slots will thereby probably recognize this developer by the symbol that is shown in their screens when the games load. When they speak of these videoslots then these are often mentioned as those slots with a tree in the loading screen. This looks like the image of a tree which is filled clockwise with colour. Underneath you can see the name of Yggdrasil Gaming, but it is completely understandable that most people do not keep looking at their screens while the game is still loading.

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Play Yggdrasil mobile slots

In recent years it has become more and more popular for people to play online casino slots on a mobile device. It is of course very easy to gamble while on a smartphone or on a tablet. This can be done from any possible location, as long as there is an internet connection available. The games you like most should therefore be available as a mobile version, because that was previously not always the case. Luckily you can play Yggdrasil mobile slots without any problems on our website as well as at our recommended casinos. This is only getting easier with the recent technological developments, as you can read about in this article. We will also give some attention to what you may expect in the future when it comes to the possibilities to play Yggdrasil mobile slots.

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Yggdrasil with HTML5 framework

The title of this news post may go beyond the grasp of most players because it is a bit on the technical side. What it comes down to is that Yggdrasil will be using a new software framework with their games that will bring loads of advantages for both casinos and players. What will be particularly nice for online casino players are a few specific points. Now that we will see Yggdrasil with HTML5 framework you can expect so called tandem drops with new slots. This means that new slots can be released on both mobile and desktop at the same time, only because of Yggdrasil with HTML5.

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