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Ten million free spins at Mr Green

Let’s set one thing straight first of all: At Mr Green you will not get ten million free spins as a player of course, because those are divided among all of the participants in their advent calendar. From the 24th of November until the 24th of December 2015 anyone can participate in the advent calendar of Mr Green and that means online gambling while you get in the holiday spirits. Every online casino has a different way of setting up its advent calendar, but the one at Mr Green is quite unique. How so? Well, they pretty much focus on free spins which will come your way every single day. In this article we will explain what exactly you can expect in the upcoming month.

Make one deposit for seven days of free spins

Not everyone has the same budget and they seem to be aware of that at Mr Green as well. That is why they have prepared two different types of offers that you can make use of. Make at least one deposit and receive free spins every single day for seven days in a row. If you make a deposit before the advent calendar has started then you will still qualify for the first seven days of the advent calendar, so they’re not being too difficult at Mr Green. The two different types of offers that they have available are set up as follows:

– Claim 10 free spins seven days in a row when you deposit 20 euros
– Claim 30 free spins seven days in a row when you deposit 50 euros or more

If you put twenty euros in your account then you will receive 70 spins, while you will receive 210 spins if you make a deposit of 50 euros. When you play with larger amounts then you will get an average of 4.2 free spins per euro deposited, instead of 3.5 free spins when you play with a couple of tens. For all that matters, it is in the player’s advantage to deposit more money. With this arrangement they will look at the last highest deposit that you made, so if you first make a deposit of 100 euros and then another one of 20 euros then you will qualify for the most valuable offer they have.

An extra gift for active players on Sundays

Seven days of free play is of course already a lot of fun, but they are going to have to reach those ten million free spins at Mr Green. That is why they are also organizing a weekly ‘special Sunday’ during this promotional offer. On those days, all registered players who are participating in the advent calendar will get something extra on top of what they already promised. Can you guess what you’ll get on Sundays at this Yggdrasil casino? More free spins of course!

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