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The best jackpot slot strategy

When you gamble online then clearly you are looking to end your session with as much money as possible. Generally the biggest prize you can get is a jackpot, so if there would be an easy way to claim one of those then that would be fantastic. Sadly there is no secret formula for that, but that doesn’t change the fact that there is a jackpot slot strategy that you can use to hopefully win a lot of cash. In this article you can find a useful method that might help you win an insane amount of money. Of course we cannot guarantee that you will become a millionaire by following our recommendations, but your chances of winning should definitely increase.
Different types of jackpot slots

There are quite a number of slots which will give you a chance to win a jackpot. Almost every well-known software developer has made some slots with jackpots, so there is plenty of choice. For starters, we need to distinguish the local jackpots and the pooled jackpots. The local version is a bit smaller and those prizes can only be won at the online casino where you are currently playing, while the pooled version is a progressive prize that can be won at several online casinos at the same time. An example of the first type is the Holmes and the Stolen Stones slot, while the Joker Millions slot is a good example of a shared or pooled jackpot.

Win with jackpot slots at an online casino

Not such a well-known fact is that every jackpot on the internet is designed to be paid out around a specific amount. For example, the Joker Millions slot was designed to pay out around 1.3 million euros, but that doesn’t mean that it will happen exactly at that time. The first time it was won at 720.000 euros and the second time it happened to be 460.000 euros. The strategy that we like to use in order to have a bigger chance of winning is purely based on odds. Once the progressive jackpot has grown significantly larger than the set amount then you might want to start trying your luck. For example once the Joker Millions jackpot hits 2 million euros then we would recommend you to start playing as much as you can.

Playing on the internet or at a land based casino

The method that we just described is best used at an online casino, but of course it might also work at a land based casino. The biggest issue with trying to predict at jackpot at a land based casino is that they might possibly be able to influence the way their machines work. In other words, gambling on the internet might actually be safer. The games and the software that are used by an Yggdrasil casino can in no way be influenced, meaning you will always have fair odds and you will always know what to expect.

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