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The differences between developers

This website is of course aimed at the games that are made by Yggdrasil Gaming, but there are plenty of other online casino software developers around. These differ from each other very much in terms of background, but also when it comes to quality. With the help of this article we would like to explain to you what the most important differences are between developers and we will also give you some more information about the most well-known makers of casino games. The next time that you open a slot game and the logo of the developer appears you will hopefully know more or less what to expect.
The huge company named Netent

There are a couple of makers of casino games that pretty much every gambler is familiar with. When it comes to online slots, Netent is remarkably big. The developer that used to be known as Net Entertainment has been around for decades and it has grown into a huge company with offices in several different countries. Their games will offer high chances of winning and they look pretty amazing, which is probably why they are so popular. A fun fact is that one of the previous directors of Netent started his own company named Yggdrasil Gaming, but we will talk about that one later on. This producer will offer you lots of good looking videoslots, but of course they are not the only source for nice graphics.

The flashy games of Microgaming

The developer that goes by the name of Microgaming also makes a lot of flashy games, including lots of slots with known brands such as Playboy and Jurassic Park. These casino games are especially popular in Australia, although they are played by gamblers from all over the world. It needs to be said that winning chances with their slots are quite a bit lower, but not every gambler is aware of that. If you are just playing for entertainment value then you might as well try out the games by Microgaming, but for decent chances of winning we would recommend you to move along.

Reliable and classic slots of Novomatic

Not everybody needs flashy animations to have a good time. Sometimes the classic slots are more fun and those are the times when players start looking for Novomatic slots. This developer has been around for a very long time and their games can be found in land based casinos all over the world. Pretty much everyone is familiar with classics such as Book of Ra, even though the odds are a bit lower than with the games that are made by Netent or Yggdrasil. Regardless of the fact that the average pay out percentage is a bit lower, you can still end up with a very big win while playing these slots.

Software developer Yggdrasil Gaming

Other than Netent, Microgaming and Novomatic there are several other big developers, but also a huge amount of smaller companies. You have surely seen games that were made by IGT or Williams Interactive, while you might have even run into slots that were made by new brands such as Thunderkick. Another relatively new developer is Yggdrasil Gaming and we like their games so much that we created a fan website called Yggdrasil Casino! Their slots are very similar to those that were made by Netent, although they tend to give their own twist to the games. This online casino software developer is growing like crazy and we would not be surprised if they end up being a serious competition for the big boys.

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